High Chair Covers, Messeez High Chair Cover.
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Baby High Chair Cover

baby high chair cover is a necessity, whether you’re at home with your baby’s own high chair or at a restaurant using a public high chair. The cover will keep baby comfortable and clean, and could even protect your child from germs. Parents have a surprising number of options today when it comes to choosing high chair covers. In the end, the cover you select may be a question of personal taste.

Fisher Price
Fisher Price advertises its high chair cover as a way to protect your baby from unsanitary conditions in public high chairs. An adjustable strap allows you to secure the cover easily to the chair. Belt slots permit mothers to use the waist restraint to hold baby safely.

The cover will fit the majority of commercial and restaurant wooden high chairs. A pair of loops allow you to attach your baby’s favorite toys to the high chair. The cover also has a carrying case, making it easy to take it from place to place.

The Clean Diner

Another attractive option in high chair covers is the Clean Diner. The one-piece design is convenient to use, is washable, and is easy to store. The Clean Diner covers the entire seating area-sides, back, and front-so that baby is not exposed to the mess of previous diners. The manufacturer says it can be installed with one hand in less than ten seconds. Because the cover is 100 percent quilted cotton, it is considered especially comfortable. A safety strap keeps baby secure. The cover comes with a travel tote, so it is easy to transport. It also comes in a number of prints, including whimsical animals, denim, pink gingham, and blue gingham.

Messeez High Chair Cover from Juvenile Solutions

Juvenile Solutions offers a high chair cover that is perfectly suited for the messy eater. The cover was actually invented by a mother, so it is definitely mother-approved. A key selling point is that, with the Messeez, it’s less likely that food will become lodged inside the high chair-an unpleasant surprise for any mother engaged in cleaning up after dinner. Messeez is known for its snug fit-it hugs the chair, so that food is less likely to get through to the seat. The cover is also easy to slip on and off. You can wipe it clean with a cloth or drop it in the washing machine. The Messeez fits most wooden high chairs and swings, along with the Evenflo, Graco, and Safety First high chairs.

Tips for Selecting Covers
Veteran mothers say it’s best to choose a high chair cover that can hide the dirt. That means selecting a cover with a dark print or a navy blue solid color. If at all possible, try to avoid white, since it will be difficult to keep clean.

Also, plan on cleaning the cover regularly. Babies and toddlers are notoriously messy eaters, so it is important that you keep the cover as clean as you possibly can. Also, even if a cover offers a snug fit, be sure to lift it up and look underneath it at every meal. Otherwise, you could be surprised by the food that accumulates beneath the cover after a week’s worth of dining.

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