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Baby Maya Sling

aby Maya Sling is one of the most intriguing baby slings on the market today. These accessories have an ethnic look, making them distinctive. In essence, the Baby Maya makes a bold fashion statement. But, more importantly, the sling offers you a way to bond with your baby while going about your daily chores.

Versatility maya baby carrier, nursing ready carrier, safe sling carrier.

Certainly one of the most important selling points of the Maya Baby Wrap is its versatility. Some baby slings permit you to carry your child in only a couple of positions-but not the Maya. Your little one can be carried in the front, so that he or she is close to your heart. Or, your baby can be carried in the back, allowing him or her a unique view of the world. You may find it more natural to carry your child on your hip - that is also possible with the Maya carrier. You can locate Maya Wrap Sling instructions for use online. In addition, the sling permits you to carry baby in a nursing, reclining, or kangaroo carry position. Interestingly enough, the sling can be used for more than just carrying baby. It can also be employed as a blanket, a "leash" while your child walks about, or as a shopping cart safety strap. Thanks to a pocket in the tail, the Maya Wrap sling permits you to carry along diapers or wipes.

dad baby sling.Appropriate for Mom or Dad

Some slings have the appearance of being "moms only" models. Not the Maya Wrap Baby Carrier. It is long enough to accommodate tall fathers, while being potentially tight enough to fit small mothers. The Maya also comes in four different sizes, based on the height and size of the adult. Also, each edge of the sling can be adjusted independently, permitting a customized fit. Now dad can easily carry your little one around!


The Baby Maya is entirely nursing-ready. This sling permits the mother to cover herself while breastfeeding. In fact, mom can pull the tail of the sling over her shoulder in order to be covered completely. This permits discreet nursing anytime, anywhere. The sling also allows for correct positioning of a baby for nursing, making it comfortable for both baby and mother.


The designer of the Maya Wrap was obviously safety-conscious. The fabric and rings of the sling have been extensively tested and can accommodate weight of more than 100 pounds, although 35 pounds is the recommended carrying limit. The sling is also long-lasting-it can be used from infancy through the toddler years.

MamaBaby Sling

Baby Maya also manufactures what's known as the MamaBaby Sling. This sling consists of 100 percent cotton fabric that is soft and stretchy. The rings of the sling are made of heat-resistant, durable nylon. The sling can be worn by itself, or two can be worn on each shoulder. By wearing two at once, you can evenly distribute baby's weight over both shoulders. If you have a heavy child that you must carry for a lengthy period of time, you're sure to appreciate this feature.

The second sling allows greater flexibility, enabling you to carry your child in positions that are simply not possible with a single sling. The Mama Baby can be used for both infants and toddlers, so you can get a great deal of wear out of it. The MamaBaby Carrier is available in blue, black, and natural, and comes in two sizes: the standard 76 inches, which can accommodate larger users, and a 67 inch model, which is appropriate for smaller women and men. In order to prevent the sling from shrinking, you should line-dry it out of direct sunlight. This item is also highly affordable, costing only $39.95.

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