Baby Boy Name Meanings, Baby Girl Name Meaning.
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Baby Names and Their Meanings

ou might not realize it, but baby names often carry a great deal of meaning. While some names are simply a collection of interesting sounds and syllables, others are intriguing metaphors. Therefore, when naming your baby, you might not only want to consider a name that sounds good to you, but also one that has a meaning that is special to you.

Dreamy Names

There are some first names that are particularly dreamy, when it comes to their meaning. For instance, Aine means pleasure or delight, while Alanna means attractive and peaceful. Therefore, if you have a child that is especially pleasant, Aine or Alanna might be an appropriate name. If your baby is the embodiment of your dreams, consider the name Ashlyn. The baby girl name meaning for Ashlyn is "vision". Kailyn baby name meaning is a variant of Kay and Kayla which means keeper of the keys, pure.

There are a number of resources offering free first name meanings. We include links to several such web sites in this article.

Naming with the Eyes

Other names refer to an individual's looks. For instance, if you have a thin boy, consider naming him Blaine. If he's freckled, Breck is the best choice (the baby boy name meaning of Breck being "freckled"). If your daughter is dark-skinned or dark-eyed, Ciara, which means "black, " would be appropriate. Similarly, if your boy has dark features, consider naming him Darci.

Names with Identity

If you're looking for a name with a real identity, there are several options from which to choose. For instance, Colleen is a girl, while Dacey is a Southerner. Darby is free, while Deirdre is a wanderer. Devan or Devin is a poet, while Alexander is a defender of mankind. Arsenio is masculine; Adrian, rich; Andrew, manly. Basil is royal, while Carsten is anointed. If you think your baby will be fond of St. Nicholas, but you don't particularly like that name, try Colin, which means the same thing. Darius is wealthy, Cosmo, harmonious; and Demetrius is a lover of the earth.

You might be quite surprised at the meanings of some names. Camellia, for instance, means evergreen tree. Caprice is fanciful, while Carina means dear little one. Concetta is pure; Anna is gracious; Donna is a lady. Other names are derivatives of still other names. For instance, Chiara, Clarice, and Clarissa are all forms of Clara.

Meaning of Names:
List of Baby Girls Names List of Baby Boys Names
Abigail - Source of Joy Aaron - Enlightened
Alanna - Fair Adam- Man Of Earth
Haley - Heroine David - Beloved One
Helen - Light Dominic - Belonging To The Lord
Miranda - Admirable Keith - Forest
Pamela - Sweet As Honey Kevin - Handsome
Patricia - Noble Woman Michael - Like God
Vanessa - Butterfly Reuben - Behold, A Son
Vivian - Life Ward - Guardian

Finding the Meanings of Other Names

If you are interested in the meanings of other baby names, there are a number of resources that are available to you. For instance, there are baby name books on the market that might tell you not only the meaning of a name, but its ethnicity and other background information - like the baby name meaning origin. At times, you might be able to find out the meanings of names by consulting a dictionary or encyclopedia. Yet another good source for baby name information is the Internet. There are numerous websites that offer specific information about baby names and their meanings. You can also consult your parents and grandparents-the keepers of your family's oral history. They may also know the meaning behind certain names, particularly if they are ethnic names. In the end, you'll find that naming a baby is a joyous experience. If you can find a name that carries extra meaning, your days with your baby will be that much brighter.

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