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Capital m.oms know that a comfy and safe baby seat is vitally important! They also need to be easy to clean and not too heavy to lift. We have researched several options for today's parent. From the bumbo baby seat, that let's baby sit up all on their own, to car seat stroller combos to make your life easier. See our options below - let us help you pick the right baby seat for you and your little one!

Baby bumbo seat in yellow.
Bumbo Baby Seats
With this seat, your child will be able to sit upright - on their own!! The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a revolutionary new baby seat, uniquely designed according to the baby’s posture to seat babies independently in an upright sitting position, learn more about the Bumbo Baby Seat:

Baby in blue bath tub. Baby Bath Seats
There are many factors to consider when selecting a bath seat for your baby. Does the bath seat or ring hold the baby in securely? Can baby easily crawl out, or maneuver her legs under the bars? Is there a seat belt to hold baby in place? Is the shape designed to hold baby in securely (conformed to the baby’s shape)? We offer our tips and suggestions for finding just the right baby bath seat:

Baby bike seat.Baby Bicycle Seats
Biking with your baby or young child can be a fun experience! The correct child bike seat can make all the difference. When biking with baby it is important to keep safety in mind. Baby bicycle seats are one option, another, potentially sturdier option is the bike trailer, if you fall (the baby won't) and doesn't add too much difficulty to steering. Examine baby bike seats and trailers here...
Learn More >>

Baby stroller and car seat combo.
Baby Stroller Car Seats

Why buy 5 different items when you can find what you need in one? Baby stroller car seat combos just make parenthood easier. There are models that include the car seat, which can be attached to the stroller, or, easily placed in the car, where the car seat can double as a bassinett! We examine several models here... Learn More >>

Covers for baby and infant car seats.
Baby Car Seat Covers
There are many baby car seat covers available on the market. There are infant car seat covers to keep the car seat from getting too hot in the sun, there are those meant to cover the baby to protect them from the wind and the rain, and there are those that provide a cushy environment for baby to snuggle into. We show you the main baby seat cover options available today, from flannel to sheepskin seat covers...

Infant car seat. Infant Car Seats and Infant Toddler Car Seats
When you are buying a car seat for a newborn or older infant you have a choice of two basic styles for an infant who weighs less than 20 lbs. and is less than a year old: infant car seats and infant-toddler car seats.

Infant-toddler seats (also called convertible car seats because they can face forward or backward) can be used by both infants and older children up to 40 lbs. While infant car seats (for babies under 20 lbs.) are smaller and contoured to securely hold newborns and offer good support in all the right places.

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See our tips and tricks on car seat safety!

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