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One of the big selling points of the Baby Sling Carriers is the freedom of movement they provide. The design actually derived from real-life experience with children. One of the main advantages of a sling is that it will hold the baby curled up in a position that mirrors the one he or she used in the womb. This is truly the most comfortable position for a baby to be in.

Baby K'tan sling carrier.

Baby Ktan Slings and Carriers

This is one of our favorite baby wearing devices! Really, two slings in one, it is easy to use (to put baby into and take her out of), attractive, and easy on the back. Great choice for men and women alike...
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Baby Sling.

Baby Carrier Sling

Slings are better for breastfeeding. Nursing will be more comfortable for both mother and child. Breast milk has 70 ingredients not found in formula, making you child grow heltheir and smarter.
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Ergonomic Baby Carrier.
New Baby Native Sling

New Native Sling lets you carry baby on the front, the side, or the back. When your child gets older and reaches toddler stage, you can carry him or her on your hip. Also, you can carry twins, you can use either one carrier or two.
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Photo of baby maya sling.

Baby Maya Sling
One of the most intriguing baby slings on the market today. They have a very special ethnic look. Baby Maya makes a bold fashion statement and offers you a way to bond with your baby while going about your daily chores.
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Nojo Baby Sling.

Baby Nojo Sling
The Baby Nojo promotes deep intimacy with your baby. It helps your baby to feel snug and secure. The sling also helps your baby to stay in a state of quiet alertness, which can enhance learning.
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