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Baby K'Tan Baby Carriers

Capital i.n recent history, "baby wearing" has become very popular. There are even classes on how to "wear" your baby. There are numerous devices available to do so, from front packs, to back packs and slings, wraps and pouches. Some of these devices are more complicated to use than others (and you want them to be easy to use when your baby is screaming tired, or, you need to get them out quick to change a poopy diaper).

Baby K'Tan - One of the Easiest Slings to Use!
black baby ktan sling.

One of the biggest benefits of the Baby K'Tan sling is how easy it is to use. We have tried (and been overwhelmed by) other slings that are pretty much just one really long piece of fabric.

Just putting it on required that we lay it out along the floor, then start wrapping. We thought this made the sling dirty (being on the floor and all), and, the process was complicated and took too long.

The K Tan carrier is two slings connected by a loop of fabric, so, there is no need to lay it out on the floor to put it on. There are numerous ways to wear it, and, it is relatively quick to put on and to take off. Really handy when you are trying to calm a fussy baby!

The K'tan is made of 100% cotton, and we think is very comfortable for both mom and baby.

Benefits: Nursing, Bonding, Up to 42 Pounds, Variety of Colors

side view of baby k'tan sling carrier.Key benefits of this carrier include:

  • Bonding: Being close to baby while having your hands free
  • Soothing: Helping baby to fall asleep, due to proximity to you, your motion, and feeling "swaddled" by the sling
  • Quick Response to Baby: You are able to respond to needs of baby faster, because she is right there with you
  • Soft: 100% Cotton
  • Easy to Use: No complicated wrapping required, easy to get baby in and out
  • Great for Dads and Moms
  • Back Support: Adjustable back support
  • Breastfeeding: Possible to breastfeed baby discreetly
  • 8 Positions: There are 8 convenient positions this carrier can be used in
  • No Hard Edges: No rough loops or buckles or straps
  • Colors!: Include white, black, cocoa, pink, navy, gray, even tie dye and camouflage
  • Blanket/Nursing Cover: Can be draped over you and baby as a light blanket or a nursing cover, even if you aren't wearing it
  • Compact: It is easy to pack to take with you on the go

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