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How To Decorate Your Baby's Nursery

Baby girl nursery decorations.Your baby is on her way (or, she's already here!) and you want her to have a wonderful nursery to enjoy. No matter what your budget, this step-by-step guide will work for you! We go through planning as well as setting up the nursery. Don't just go and start spending money on cute items for baby's room - have a plan first! You'll save money and be happier with the result. There are many ways to plan the decorative look of a room, this is the order we suggest and cover in this article:

1. Colors: Choose your colors (we suggest basing the color scheme on a crib bedding set you love)
2. Baby Furniture: Select the furniture that will go best with your chosen colors and the style of the bedroom
3. Paint: Select a paint color that complements your bedding colors and furniture
4. Window Coverings: Select and hang the window treatments that go with your colors and the wall colors.
5. Setup: Assemble all furniture, clean your bedding and dress the room!
6. Decorate: Add all the "frosting" to the room

Choose Colors For Your Nursery

Wooden baby crib with bedding set.You may plan on using this room for the nursery only as long as your baby is a baby...or, you may plan on this room also being her room when she is a toddler. If that is the case, keep that in mind when you select your colors. Choose something that also works for a toddler, that will save you time and money in paint, furniture and bedding later on! Since this is a bedroom, we suggest keeping the main colors calming, with accents of stronger color for interest for your baby (they love contrast!)

You will see one example in the photo on the right. This room was decorated around the bedding set. The bedding was chosen first, then, the steps above were followed. Starting with one main item from which to build, like the bedding set, makes selection of paint, furniture and colors and types of decorations much much easier!

Choosing Your Baby's Furniture

Crib: Once you have selected your crib bedding set and colors for the baby's room, it is time to select the furniture! Be sure to choose furniture that is both safe, meeting all of today's safety standards, and, that will complement your room decor! Another consideration: will you only be using the crib while baby is small? Or, do you want a crib that transforms to a toddler bed, and, later, to a twin or full size bed for your child? The crib shown above is a convertible crib. Sold Baby changing table and dresser combo.separately from the crib are bed rails that can be used to transform it into a full size bed. The rail necessary to turn it into a toddler's bed came with the crib.

Changing Table: We suggest selecting a crib/changing table/dresser set that matches and meets all your needs. When selecting the set, be sure to verify that the changing table is large enough, and has space for your changing supplies, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer, etc. (as shown in the photo on the left).

You can also find changing tables that double as dressers, as does the one shown. These can come in quite handy as baby gets older...what was once her changing area now becomes an attractive dresser for her clothes.

Painting the Nursery

As with any paint today, be sure to select one that is not lead-based. The paint color should be soothing and complement the bedding colors you have chosen. Also keep in mind, will baby be using this room as she gets older? Will this color be suitable for her as an 8 year old? As a 12 year old? (Of course, by then, you might want to re-paint the room anyway). Also keep in mind the window treatments you are using with your bedding set. Will they look good next to the paint color you've chosen? Below we show two areas of a nursery before and after being painted. This room had bright red paint on the walls. it was very important to properly prime the walls before painting with the green color. It is suggested that a tinted primer be used on the red paint (or any bright or dark color) before applying your nursery color.

Baby nursery before paint.
Baby nursery after painting.
Baby's room before painting it.
Baby's room with new paint.

Hanging the Curtains in Your Baby's Room
Curtains in baby nursery.Now that your nursery is painted, and the paint has dried, it is time to hang your curtains! There are many options available, valences, panels, sheers,'s up to you. Before you hang your curtains, be sure you have the correct window treatment hardware, and that it is the correct size. Then, measure your windows and decide where you will install the hardware, and, how the curtains will look on the hardware (will they touch the floor? are they far enough over?) BEFORE you drill any holes in the wall! Also, be sure you have the hardware in line with each other on every window, so that, as you look across the room, all the window treatments are at the same level to the eye.

Assemble and Place the Baby Furniture
Infant in baby crib with mobile.Next, assemble the baby furniture (unless your's is already put together). Always READ the instructions FIRST. No matter how much you love a challenge, read them first, it will save you time, and, might save your furniture! (We say this from experience). AFTER you have read the directions, and the items are assembled, place them in your baby's room. Keep in mind, you won't want your crib near things baby can reach and grab, or where anything could fall on baby. Also, you want your changing table to be away from things baby can reach or can pull on herself. Beware of placing furniture near windows, later, when baby can stand, if you turn for a second (ALWAYS keep a hand and an eye on baby), baby could fall out the window.

Clean the bedding, etc. put the mattress in the crib and dress it! This is when the room really feels like baby's room!

Decorations for baby room.Add the Frosting!
After your lovely furniture is up and placed, time for one of the most fun parts - the "frosting" of the room, the lovely little decorations and photo frames to really dress up the room. Keep in mind, those very pretty but delicate items you use now, will be breakable by baby once she is crawling and walking. Choose your decor wisely. You can see a variety of decorations used in this photo, some toddler-friendly, some not. Many will be removed once baby can crawl and walk. Just use your common sense.


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