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Biblical Baby Names

buy now on ebay button. Capital f.or centuries, Biblical baby names have been popular with families. The names provide children with role models that they can emulate. These names can also serve to demonstrate the fact that families have lives that are deeply rooted in faith. If relatives also have the same Biblical names, the names can take on additional meaning as family names, or "heirloom names."

Biblical Backlash baby names from bible.

Still, in recent years, a number of parents have been turning away from Biblical names. They may be more interested in how a name sounds, or whether it evokes a pleasant feeling or memory.

For instance, you will be hard-pressed to find a Madison or a Kaitlyn in the Bible, but these two names are among the nation's most popular names for girls. Also, if a family is not religious or is of a different faith, a Bible baby name might not be their first choice.

A Return to Faith

However, in some corners of America, young adults-particularly young parents-are returning to religious faith. As a result, this has awakened interest in names with Biblical meaning.

Also, chances are good that a child who has a baby biblical name will grow into an adult who also chooses a babay name from the bible for his or her children.

buy now on ebay button. The Meaning Behind the Name

What's particularly interesting about these names is their biblical baby name meanings, typically, multiple levels of meaning. For instance, not only does a name stand for a specific historical figure in the Bible-the word itself may also have special meaning. For instance, Abraham is Hebrew for "father of a multitude." Abel is the Hebrew word for "breath," while Abram carries the meaning of "exalted father." Adam is Hebrew for "created by God"; Barnabas means "son of prophesy." Daniel means "my judge is the Lord"; the biblical baby girl name Elizabeth means "God's oath".

The Name Game

Still, once you know the meaning of a Biblical name, it can remain difficult to find the right one. For instance, if you believe your child will demonstrate the strength of God, you might name him the biblical baby boy name Ezekiel; if you think God is his strength, you might consider naming him Gabriel. Will your little girl show the grace of God that is Hannah, or the grace that is Anne? It can be understandably difficult to predict your child's temperament and personality at birth.

However, some parents seem to have a sixth sense about such things. For whatever reason, one Biblical name appeals to them more than another, and they take this as a sign that they should select the name that they simply cannot get out of their heads.

buy now on ebay button. Pluses of a Biblical Girl Name or a Biblical Boy Name

There are some obvious pluses to giving a child a Biblical name. It is likely to be familiar to people, so they may be less likely to forget it. Also, since the name is well-known, it should be relatively easy to spell. It also gives a child a higher good to aim for, allowing him or her to be all that he or she can be.

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