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Carters Baby Clothing - Preemie Clothing

Capital c.arters baby clothes represents one of the best known brands of infant wear. Carters is available at a number of national retail chains, including Babies 'R' Us, JCPenney's, Kohl's, Sears, Wal-Mart, and Target. In fact, Carters has upwards of 180 retail outlet stores in the U.S. You can also find baby clothes by Carters on a number of websites.

A Well-Known Name in Baby Sleepwear

carters baby sleepwear.
Baby Sleeper

Carters is perhaps best-known for its legendary sleepwear. The clothing company has been helping to put babies to bed for years. Its infant girls ballet fleece pajamas are especially popular. The baby pajama set consists of an embroidered top and a print bottom. Because of its polyester microfleece material, both pieces of the pajama set remain soft after washing. For boys, there's the puppy print sleeper, a footed fleece which is known for its coziness. The zipper front makes the sleeper easy to get on and off. The sleeper is durable, so it should be able to survive wash after wash.

One of the selling points of Carters baby sleepers is the colorful designs. For instance, infant girls can take advantage of a fleece sleeper with an eye-catching bear motif. Meanwhile, baby boys may want to snuggle up in pajamas that have a dinosaur appliqué on the top and a colorful dinosaur print on the bottom.
Tops in Tops - Baby Apparel

Carters also has achieved a reputation for its infant t shirts. The tops are easy to wear and a breeze to clean. The girl's seamed tee is made of cotton and spandex and features an elastic waist and cuffs. A flower and teddy bear appliqué makes the top popular with little girls. Another option for infant girls is the Carters ribbed tee, a nylon top which features eyelet trim on the neck and sleeves, along with colorful embroidery.

Carters also offers a number of fashion options in boys' tops. A sueded fleece sweatshirt has the slogan, "Trout fishing champion" on the front, complete with fish insignia. A hooded fleece jacket made of a cotton/polyester blend is a good choice for cooler days. One of the most colorful options for boys is a wide-striped crew neck t-shirt with a nautical theme.

The Bottom Half

Carters infant separates have certainly grown up in recent years. For instance, infant girls pants now consist of colorful leggings in sweet prints and dynamic stripes. The cotton/spandex leggings even feature pockets for the busy baby on the go. Another option for baby girls are track pants, also made up cotton and spandex, which feature a bow at the waist and elastic cuffs at the bottom of the pants legs.

For infant boys, Carters offers sweat pants with racing stripes down the sides. These cotton/polyester pants come in colors such as red and burgundy. The pants have tie waists and elastic cuffs, and have a "big boy" look to them. These sweat pants are perfect for crawling around on mom's living room floor.

Reasonable Price

Carters offers high quality at a reasonable price. Typically, you can purchase an entire outfit for under $20. This makes Carters sleepers, tops, and bottoms inexpensive gifts for the growing baby.

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