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Chenille Baby Blanket

here is nothing quite like the touch of chenille. It promotes a feeling of comfort, warmth, and coziness. Therefore, it's quite natural to choose a chenille blanket for your baby. You should be aware of the fact that there are many varieties of chenille blankets from which you can choose. Depending on the color and style, these blankets can be appropriate for both boys and girls.

Grandma's Blankets

Grandma's Baby Blankets can be found easily on the Internet. This maker of baby blankets offers chenille versions with satin trim that are pure cotton and machine washable. The blankets are 42" x 36", so they can wrap baby in style. One side of each blanket is white chenille, while the other side can be a flannel print or solid satin. Each blanket can be monogrammed to personalize it in order to make it a treasured keepsake.

Cushy Comfort - The Little Giraffe Blanket little giraffe blanket.

Little Giraffe offers a number of especially attractive chenille baby blankets. Some users maintain that these plush blankets are the softest they've ever felt. As a result, the blankets can be quite luxurious for baby. Each blanket is chenille on both sides with a satin trim. The blankets are available in three different sizes. The manufacturer also offers chenille crib bedding for the ultimate in sleeping comfort. The bedding set includes a crib bumper, dust ruffle, and blanket. The set comes in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, sage, and earth tones.

Vintage Chenille
vintage chenille blankets, baby blankie, luna luna.
Another option is the vintage angel crib blanket. This vintage-like chenille is perfect for a nursery that has a touch of nostalgia. This baby blankie is made by Luna Luna and is considered to be a particularly appropriate baby shower gift. This baby accessory combines chenille and satin to create a blanket that will be particularly restful for your little one. A really cute solution for those look for a vintage baby blanket.

Baby Blankie

Baby also offers a number of soft-to-the-touch chenille baby blankets. The blankets are lined in satin and have 2" wide silky borders. The chenille is 100 percent cotton, similar to vintage bedspreads. The satin is machine washable and is 100 percent polyester. The standard baby blankets are 29" x 40", while the small chenille travel size is 19" x 18". The blankets do not contain fillings. As a special unique feature, these chenille baby blankets can be personalized with your baby's name. As a result, these blankets can be kept and treasured forever.

Children's Choo Choo

Baby's Little Treasures offers some particularly interesting chenille baby blankets. For instance, the Children's Choo Choo design features a print showing children gazing at and riding on choo choo trains. The unique-looking blankets are available in red or blue chenille. The blankets also include 2" borders surrounding the print.

Li'l Cowpokes

In a similar vein, Baby's Little Treasures offers a brown chenille baby blanket with an innovative “Li'l Cowpokes” theme. The scene shows little cowboys enjoying themselves out on the range. The scene is also surrounded by 2” borders, making it consistent with the Children's Choo Choo blanket. Your child might have sweet dreams of cowboys and cowgirls after snuggling up with this chenille covering.

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