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aby cribs are available in a seemingly endless number of styles. So how do you choose the one that's right for you? That's a good question, one we wanted the answer to, so we started looking into the various styles of baby cribs available in the marketplace. What we found was stunning. There are more baby crib designs than ever, making the choice difficult for parents, both young and old.

Safety and Durability

Despite the variety of designs available, when looking for baby cribs, you'll want to take a look at 2 features first: durability and safety. Most baby cribs available today offer a number of safety features and are constructed of strong hardwoods, iron or other durable materials. Still before considering what a baby crib looks like or how it will fit into your decor, you should first take a look at these things and not take them for granted.

Whimsical Options

Handcrafted furniture from cribs to armoires will delight the child in all of us. Sturdy, painted, timeworn pieces allow you to create a charming nursery, playroom or toddlers room with a touch of whimsy and color.

Classic Designs
So baby cribs should be safe and durable. What else should you look for? Take a look at the room where you'll be using your baby crib and measure the room if possible. You'll want to look at baby cribs that will fit into your available space without looking crowded and overdone.

Consider classic designs that never go out of style, clean lines, and rich stains that last and last. If you're planning to use your baby crib for more than one child, you may want to buy a unisex design in case you have a boy and then later have a girl.

If price is a concern, choose simple designs without any extra features. And be sure to look at baby cribs that take standard sized mattresses. That way you'll find buying baby bedding easier and more affordable. There are a number of discount baby cribs on the market today.

Budget-conscious parents may also consider convertible cribs that grow with your child. You'll save on buying a toddler bed or single bed down the road. There are a number of cheap baby cribs available - inexpensive on price, but high on quality.

No matter what you're looking for when it comes to baby cribs, remember to pay attention to all the details, look for durabilty and safety first, and choose a design that goes well with your decor as well as fits your budget.