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Double Jogging Stroller - Two Kids? No Problem!

Capital J.ogging strollers have come of age. They are now specially designed to handle twins. Double jogging strollers offer all the features of regular jogging strollers, but are able to accommodate two children. This means that-just because you have a growing family-it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice exercise.

Make Mine Ditto

The Ditto RPS is an example of a double jogging stroller that is truly comfortable for babies. Each of the seats has its own recline mechanism, footrest, and bubble canopy.

As a result, one baby can be sitting up sightseeing while the other is reclining, sleeping in the canopy's shade. Because the stroller is so well-balanced, it can move straight ahead without wobbling even when there is only one child aboard.

While the Ditto is roomy, it is actually narrower than many other models, meaning that it can get into spaces other double jogging strollers cannot. In addition, the stroller's Responsive Pivot System ensures that weight is balanced over the stroller's rear wheels.
double jogging stroller.
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The 2005 model has been updated from the previous year. These improvements include larger footplates, deeper foot wells, redesigned harnesses, and extra storage pockets. Also, the Responsive Pivot System makes turns easier to handle. Also, you should keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages to the Ditto stroller.

Folding the stroller is a three-step process, so folding it might be harder than folding other double strollers. Also, you might have difficulty keeping the canopies in line, which could make going out in the rain difficult.

Speed Demon - The Kelty Jogging Stroller

If you want a real speedster, you might consider Kelty's Speedster Deuce. This double jogging stroller has all the features of a single Speedster Deluxe. In response to customer feedback, Kelty streamlined this stroller, taking 2 ½ inches off the length and an inch and a half off the width. As a result, the Speedster Deuce is much easier to turn and maneuver in general.

The Speedster Deuce provides good protection from the elements, although the canopy is not divided into individual sections. It has individually reclining seats, which makes it especially comfortable for younger passengers. The seats are also wide, enhancing the ride for the children aboard. The adjustable handlebar can shift from 34-45", meaning that the Speedster is appropriate for both short and tall runners. Another interesting feature is that the cable/pulley folding mechanism is housed in clear plastic, enabling you to view the inner-workings.

High Performance
The Baby Jogger Double Stroller Performance Series is ergonomically sound. Its specially-shaped handle reduces wrist strain. The stroller also features a handbrake with a parking brake on the handle. Babies will be comfortable in the stroller's padded, reclining seats. The stroller also possesses a five-point safety harness and individual rear wheel parking brakes. The pneumatic tires with thorn-resistant tubes should provide a smooth ride even in rocky areas.

Test Runs

There are many popular makes of jogging strollers. The Instep Double Jogging Stroller and the Baby Trend model have also earned great reviews. In order to determine whether a double jogging stroller is right for your family, be sure to give it a test run-with two babies along for the ride. That way, you'll be able to figure out whether the stroller is comfortable for both you and your little ones.

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