Make you own sling, best fabrics for baby slings.
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How To Make A Baby Sling

number of mothers across the nation have found that there is nothing quite like a baby sling to keep an infant content. The sling permits you to carry your baby with you as you go about your day, making it a pleasurable experience for both you and baby. Interestingly enough, you can actually make your own baby sling, which can give you a sense of accomplishment-as well as a cozy place in which to carry your child. Here are some hints for making a stellar homemade baby sling:

The Fabric
If you select fabric that is 36-45" wide, you won't have to hem the sides unless you want to. And, if the fabric is wider than 45", you will have far too much. Consider, for instance, that the Maya Wrap Sling is 35" wide. Since both sides of the fabric will be visible when you use the sling, you might want to select a fabric that does not have a wrong side. The type of fabric usually recommended is cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Keep in mind that the rings may not be able to hold a slick fabric in place. Since you will be sewing a seam through numerous layers of fabric, select a fabric your sewing machine can handle. As an alternative, you might try sewing the seam by hand.

To begin with, you should hem or surge one of the cut edges of the fabric. You should also hem the selvage edges. If the edges have a good appearance, you might not have to finish them. Next, try folding the fabric like a fan. Each fold should be 4" or 6" wide. The folds do not have to be down the length of the fabric-10" to 12" down from the top should be sufficient. You should then surge or zigzag the remaining cut end, through the entire thickness of the folded fabric. make a baby sling.

You should place the folded end through the rings and pull it through three to four inches. You then need to fold the fabric back on itself. Secure with a pin. You should then fold panel 1 out of the way, stitching through the thicknesses from the cut edge. Make sure you don't sew through panel 1. Since the seam will be exposed to a great deal of stress, it is important that it is strong and is backstitched on both ends. When using your completed sling, you can unfold panel 1 over your shoulder in order to fashion a shoulder cap.

This cap will allow your child's weight to be evenly distributed across your back. These instructions and others you will find will help teach you how to make a baby sling.