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Infant and Baby Car Seats and Covers

Capital w.hen it comes to the safety of our children, there are no compromises. With that in mind, we have spent countless hours doing our homework to find the safest and most comfortable infant toddler car seats available today. Please see below the few select brands and models that we feel exemplify a true commitment to safety, while maintaining cutting-edge features and superior comfort.

Britax infant car seat.
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Britax Infant Car Seat
"Baby Safe Car Seat"

Britax Car Seat

Britax takes another huge leap forward in the world of child safety with the Britax Baby Safe infant car seat.

The Baby Safe looks like no other car seat you've ever seen, combining a commitment to safety with a lot of research and imagination. In pairing their cutting-edge Anti-Rebound Bar design with a rigid Foot Prop, Britax has developed one of the most stable, innovative seats ever introduced to the market. The Foot Prop braces against the floor of the car, while special ISOFIX LATCH guides keep the Baby Safe firmly connected to the vehicle's chassis, making it nearly impossible to shift or jostle the car seat once installed. Deep side wings offer side impact protection.

If a collision should occur, all of these features work together to give your little one the best possible protection. If you have an older model car, the Baby Safe can also be safely installed with lap-shoulder belt, or lap belt only.

Find Britax Car Seats From One Of Our Recommended Sources:

Like all Britax seats, the Baby Safe is made with soft fabric and plenty of cushioning. The multi-position recline and built-in head support help keep baby comfy. An adjustable canopy protects from back seat glare, and shields from bright sun and wind while being used outdoors as a carrier. Another plus: the Baby Safe offers more room to grow than many other popular infant car seats - it can accomodate a fast-growing infant up to 22 pounds or 30 inches.

Graco snugride infant car seat.
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Graco Infant Car Seat
Snugride Infant
Car Seat By Graco

Graco Car Seat

Top rated for safety and ease of use by leading consumer magazines, it's no wonder that the Graco SnugRide is America's favorite infant car seat. Equipped with a 5-point harness, an ergonomic carrying handle, a stay-in-car base, a canopy, and an infant head rest for added comfort and support, this SnugRide infant car seat will serve you and your baby well, from the time you bring your little one home till the day he or she reaches 20 lbs and is ready to move up to a Graco convertible car seat. This model SnugRide infant car seat also has GracoPedic™ foam for luxurious comfort, an all weather boot with blanket for added warmth, and a double infant head support with comfy harness covers. Plus, harness straps that adjust at the front of the SnugRide infant car seat make getting your baby in and out of the SnugRide infant car seat even easier. And, when your baby is snug in their SnugRide, you can keep an eye on your little one thanks to the canopy peek-a-boo window.

Metropolitan SnugRide Infant Car Seat Features:
-Gracopedic foam for luxurious comfort
-Double infant head support and comfy harness covers
-All weather boot with blanket protects baby from elements
-Canopy has a little peek-a-boo window to let you look in on your little one
-Front adjusting harness straps make securing your baby simpler
-5-Point harness for a snug fit in five places
-Click-in-carrier and stay-in-car base allows for a smooth transition from car to stroller
-Ergonomic, adjustable handle for added carrying comfort
-LATCH equipped for easy installation

eddie bauer car seat.
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Eddie Bauer Car Seat
Alpha Omega Elite 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat by (Dorel) Cosco

Eddie Bauer Infant Car Seat

The Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega Elite 3 in 1 Convertible Car Seat is the first and last car seat you will ever have to buy! This Eddie Bauer Infant Car Seat is a convertible car seat that grows with your child from infant to toddler mode, as well as becoming a belt positioning booster.

Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega Elite Car Seat Features:
• 3 in 1 car seat - the only car seat you will ever need.
• Rear facing 5-35 lbs, Forward facing 20-40 lbs, Belt positioning booster 30 - 100 lbs.
• Exceeds traditional weight limits by 25% or more.
• 5-Point harness to secure your child.
• 2-Piece push-button harness retainer holds harness to child's chest.
• 3 position crotch strap buckle adjusts for growing children.
• 4 position headrest adjusts with harness, never needs rethreading!
• Padded head rest for comfort.
• Up-front harness adjustment for ease of use.
• Infant insert helps keep baby more upright and comfortable.
• Adjustable pillow for child's comfort and nap time.
• Articulating armrests for easy removal or placement of your child into seat.
• Removable cup/juice holder on seat.
• Up front adjust recline mode adds comfort for your child.
• 2-Position belt positioner guides on either side helps to properly adjust shoulder harness across child's chest.
• Extra-wide roomy seat with comfort support.
• Large belt path openings accommodates big buckles and assists in threading of installation belts.
• LATCH equiped, use in vehicle with either automotive or LATCH belts.

infant car seat cover.
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Infant Car Seat Cover
To Keep It Cool
and Protected!

Infant Car Seat Cover

No more hot seats!
Your car's interior can really heat up in the sun...and so can your infant's car seat.

This seat cover over infant and toddler car seats to keep the sun from baking metal and plastic, protecting little ones from burns and discomfort.

Folds into its own compact pocket when not in use.

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