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Infant Changing Tables

hether an infant changing table is right for you and your baby depends upon your personal taste. For instance, some parents are perfectly comfortable changing their babies' diapers on a blanket on the floor, or on a twin bed or toddler bed. Others prefer the specific, baby-centered space which an infant changing table offers. If you think you would like to have a changing table for your nursery, here are some of the more attractive options you might consider:

Angel Line Baby Furniture

This Angel Line Classic Style changing table is known for its elegant design. Its rounded spindles and eye-catching arches make it an especially lovely option for baby. The table is crafted from solid durable hardwood and metal hardware. In addition, the table has a nylon safety strap with a buckle and high safety rails on all sides to ensure that your infant is safe during diaper changes.

The metal support bracket under the changing area provides extra support for your baby. A pair of shelves underneath the unit allows you to store your baby supplies in a convenient place. In order to ensure your baby's comfort, the manufacturer has included a one-inch waterproof vinyl changing pad. The changing table measures 36.25" x 19.5" x 40.5" and is lightweight, weighing only 30 pounds. Look for matching Angel Line Cribs to complete your nursery furniture ensemble.

Da Vinci Baby Furniture - Simple Elegance
da vicni changing table, light changing tables.
This stylish Da Vinci changing table is known as the Leonardo. The table has a drawer and casters with locking capabilities and comes with a safety belt for extra security. The table's high safety rails further enhance baby's security. This Italian-made piece of furniture has a contoured waterproof vinyl pad which measures 16" x 34" x 1". This changer is a slightly heavier model, weighing 40 pounds, and measures 35.5" x 20" x 37.75". Be sure to explore the complete line of da vinci baby cribs to complete your baby furniture.

The Continental

The Continental Changing Table by Angel Line is known for its solid hardware construction. This model is much like the Classic Style version, with a nylon safety strap with buckle, high safety rails, a metal support bracket, two shelves for baby supplies, and a waterproof vinyl changing pad.

When You Want to Go Contemporary

If you're looking for something more modern, consider Angel Line's Contemporary Baby Furniture changing table. This table is known for its stunning arches and solid hardwood construction. It is available in three different finishes, and is equipped with a reversible waterproof pad. The changing table measures 36 ¼" x 19 ½" x 40" and weighs in at 30 pounds. Another popular option is the ariel wet her diaper changing table.

European Baby Furniture - Classic Style

If you prefer a changing table with European style, consider the Alpha changing table by Da Vinci. This table, made of solid hardwood, offers classic elegance with its flat spindles and rounded corners. You can use the table's two shelves for storing baby essentials. Baby should be perfectly safe, thanks to the table's safety belt and the metal support under the changer top. The changing pad, which is included with the table, measures 7" x 34" x 1". The changer itself is a lightweight 28 pounds and measures 36.25" x 19.25" x 40". European changing baby tables offer a different look and feel and high style.

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