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New Baby Name

ou've probably seen it, year in and year out-the list of the most popular baby names in America. Madison and Emily are often popular names for girls, while the new baby boy names Michael and Ethan are favorites for boys. Of course, you might consult the most popular lists to find out which names to avoid, if you want to have a particularly unique name for your baby. But there are also other factors to consider when choosing a name for your beloved bundle of joy.

Interference from Others

At times, you might be amazed at the unsolicited advice you receive from others about new born baby names. You have to recognize the fact that the ultimate decision for baby-naming rests with you, the mother or father of the child. Certainly, you can seek suggestions from other people, but you should not feel obligated to follow their advice. In general, you might avoid names that are linked to bad memories, as well as names of celebrities known for their less-than-stellar behavior.

It's All in the Sound

A name that is pleasant to the ear might be your first choice for your little boy or girl. Of course, personal preference really comes into play here. While the new baby girl name "Gabrielle" might sound musical to one person, it might be perceived as grating by another. You should also consider how the first name sounds with the last name, while recognizing that your little girl's last name might change when she grows up and gets married. In general, a shorter first name goes well with a longer surname, while a longer first name goes well with a shorter surname. You should also try to avoid first names that rhyme with your surname.


You might consider demonstrating some creativity with the baby-naming process. A unique name can help a child to stand out from the rest. Also, it can be disconcerting for a child as he or she gets older if three other persons in the class have the same first name. However, be aware of the fact that a name that is too unusual or especially hard to pronounce could make life more difficult for a child.

Honoring Relatives

Another consideration when naming a child is whether you want that child to carry the first name of a beloved grandparent, aunt, or other relative. Such names help to forge connections between generations, helping the memory of individuals who have passed on to live on. However, such a practice can cause confusion-particularly if there are three living members of the same family with the same name.

The Meaning of the Name creative baby names, special newborn names, new baby names.

You might also consider the literal first name meanings. Throughout Biblical times, names took on special context. If you want to really make a statement with your child's name, consider selecting a name that has a deeper significance. Your child may grow to really appreciate the essence behind his or her name as he or she becomes older.

The Initial Problem

You might also seriously consider what your children's three initials will be. You don't want the initials to spell out words such as "BIG" or "PIG." Even though a certain first name/middle name combination might be tempting, don't attempt it, if it leads to embarrassing initials.

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