Personalized baby blankets, baby name on blanket.
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Personalized Baby Blankets

ou consider your baby to be the most special infant in all the world. Therefore, you've tried to prepare yourself to be the best mother you can possibly be. This has meant everything from taking prenatal vitamins to enrolling in parenting classes. Now that your baby is finally here, the time has come to outfit the nursery. If you're searching for baby blankets, you might consider the personalized kind. These can be treasured keepsakes, there are a number of heirloom baby blankets on the market, and they can be a truly lovely addition to your baby's nursery.


One variety of personalized baby blanket that you might consider is Blankees. These customized blankets are considered to be an heirloom quality keepsake. They can not only be monogrammed with your little one's name, they can also include birth information and additional facts about your child. This is why the coverlets are so distinctive. But, unlike other treasures for your bundle of joy, these are usable keepsakes. Made of knit, these coverings are soft and warm and incredibly inviting.

The most popular Blankees version has white letters and edging. The company's newest blanket shade is called warm white, which should be considered to be an off-white or winter white. If you decide on a light-colored blanket, you should know that dark letter colors will darken the color of the blanket. Also, the manufacturer does not recommend combinations such as pink with white letters or yellow with white letters. That's because the combinations have low contrast, making them difficult to read.

Exclusive for

These blankets are considered to be the perfect personalized baby gifts. They are extra-soft, thanks to their fleece material. The satin binding makes them extra-comfortable. These coverings are lightweight and warm, making them cozy for your child. The blanket measures 36" x 50" and is available in a number of different colors and embroidery designs. They can include your baby's name, birth date, and additional birth information. Or you can choose to have the blanket emblazoned with a phrase such as "I love Grandma." These personalized baby blankets knit are a soft and cozy option for your little one!

Coming Home Personalized Baby Blanket Cotton Polyester

Polar Fleece

Another winning option is a polar fleece known as the Personalized Baby Blanket. This blanket is considered to be both pretty and practical, and could be treasured for years to come. This classic blanket measures 30" x 40" and comes in a variety of colors, including ivory, blue, pink, yellow or mint. A personalized baby throw or blankets make wonderful gifts that both mom and child alike will treasure for years to come.

Cotton Keepsake baby blanket embroidered personalized.

If you love cotton, consider the Cotton Keepsake baby blanket. This coverlet is made from pure cotton, and can be embroidered with your choice of design. It can also be personalized with your baby's name and other vital information. The blanket measures 37" x 43" and is fringed on all sides. It is now available in either white or natural.

Worth the Effort

Whether you purchase one or make a personalized knitted baby blanket, getting one customized takes time and effort. It may also cost you more money. However, in the end, it is well worth it. Years from now, your grown son or daughter will treasure this artifact from the past. You might also consider getting any new baby gift blanket personalized that you received from your shower. The blanket will be a comforting reminder of childhood, and all its beauty and innocence.

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