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Portable and Convertible Baby Cribs
portable crib can be a parent's savior when traveling. Your child will always have a comfortable and familiar place to rest or play and, best of all, the crib can fit in the trunk of your car. A portable baby crib is a must for every grandparent or parent. A fold away crib can be used when traveling or for family guests. A porta crib comes complete with a mattress and can be enhanced with one of our beautiful portable crib bedding sets.

Steps You Need To Take To Select A Safe Convertible or Compact Crib

1. Research recall notices on the Web. There have been recalls on several models of portable cribs because of fatal accidents. Some models are still sold - with additional safety equipment that consumers must install. Most recalled models have been pulled from store shelves and replaced with safer models, but you'll have to be especially cautious when borrowing or buying a used play yard.

2. Look for safety features. (Keep in mind that portable cribs are not subject to the same intense federal scrutiny as full-sized permanent cribs.) The mesh on the sides should be a tight weave so fingers and toes cannot poke through and little buttons and snaps won't get caught. The hinges should lock tight. Put weight on the hinge, does it seem strong enough? Can your child manipulate the lock by turning it and loosening it? Most play yard fatalities occur from the locks unlocking and folding down on the child.

3. Check for mattress comfort. Most play yards have a cardboard base with padding on top. Some models have more padding then others. Find a model that meets the safety requirements and has a well-padded base.

4. Measure the height of the crib. The top rail should be 22 inches from the floor to deter escape. Also check for protruding baby crib parts that your little one might catch themselves on.

5. Shop around. There are many different sizes and colors of portable cribs; they can be found in just about any major toy or children's store. You can even buy models that coordinate with your stroller, swing and highchair. Some fold up into neat little bundles and have wheels and a handle for easy transport through airports. Expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $170. There is also a wide variety of adorable portable crib bedding available.

More Safety Tips

Portable cribs and mesh play yards can pose a serious threat for numerous reasons. These products can present choking or entanglement hazards; head entrapment or suffocation; and risk of injury from tipping when legs on the product become loose and separate. Baby convertible cribs, when well chosen and examined can be a boon for parents - do your research first, and keep these tips in mind.

CPSC estimates there are still 20,000,000 unsafe cribs/play yards in use or lurking in storage. Before you put your baby in a play yard or portable crib, check to be sure it's safe. portable cribs.

* Mesh weave is no larger than 1/4 inch.
Babies may get buttons, fingers and toes caught in large weave holes causing injury.
* There are no tears, holes or loose threads.
Babies may get head, buttons, fingers and toes caught in holes or torn fabric causing strangulation or injury.
* Mattress Pad: In a mesh /fabric crib must not exceed one inch.
Child will suffocate when caught between mattress and the side of the crib.
* Folding Cribs: Top rail latches must work automatically to prevent the unintentional collapse of crib.
If the baby tries to stand in or climb out of the crib it can collapse, babies die when entrapped in the “V” formed by the collapsed top rail. Check latches on top rail before each use.
* Catch points: The crib must be free of protruding rivets, metal nuts or bolts. No knobs or wing nuts on the outside legs of the crib.
If the baby tries to climb out of the crib he/she can catch their clothing on the on a protruding piece of hardware causing strangulation.