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Round Baby Beds, Functional Elegance

round baby bed can be the epitome of elegance. It can be eye-catching, yet functional, since it might be easier for you to accommodate a round baby bed in your home than a rectangular version. They come in many fanciful and classic styles, including canopy cribs. However, you should be aware of the fact that round cribs can be costly - a number of them run more than $1,000. Therefore, you will want to consider your options carefully when shopping for a round baby bed.

A Carousel for Baby

One magical model is Jeannie Kasem's Carousel Rocking Horse Round Crib. A hand-painted replica of a carousel horse is mounted to the crib, in addition to two real rockers that can be used or removed at will, depending on your personal preference. This innovative crib includes a dome kit which allows you to create a round dome or a fluted one. The baby bed also features four feathered finials, along with a high-density foam, waterproof mattress. The carousel crib comes in an ivory finish, or you can special order a version in old-fashioned cherry. You might consider complementing the crib with a giraffe-design changing table or an elephant-design toy chest. If you want to create a nursery that has a distinctively dreamy quality, this round crib may be just what you're looking for.

Liberty Sleigh Crib

Black Baby Beds
Another high-fashion option is the Liberty Sleigh crib. This baby bed is made from the best American hardwoods available today. The hardware on the outside of the crib is covered with wood buttons-a testament to the crib's craftsmanship.

The buttons enhance the bed's beauty, while making the crib safe for baby. In fact, the manufacturer maintains that the sleigh bed meets or exceeds the highest safety standards.

The Cottage Garden - Little Miss Liberty's Round Crib

Yet another fanciful option is Little Miss Liberty's Cottage Garden crib. This round baby bed has a canopy extension complete with an ornamental cottage-the type of place that fairies might visit for the day. What makes the Cottage Garden line so unusual is that no two of the cribs are exactly alike-each one has a different ornamental house adorning it. Available finishes include matte white and natural. The manufacturer also offers new custom colors such as old-fashioned cherry, ivory, crackle, and new butter.

A Crib for the Millennium little miss liberty cribs, millenium model crib, round baby crib.

You might also consider a well-crafted Little Miss Liberty crib known as the Millennium model. The multi-position crib has two drop-sides, making it particularly easy to use. The baby bed also has a pair of locking and unlocking casters and fits under any standard eight-foot ceiling. The round crib includes a double-laminated, waterproof, high-density foam mattress, making sleep time comfortable for baby. The Millennium crib is offered in two basic colors-matte white and natural. You can also custom-order the crib in cherry, ivory, crackle, or butter, or you can order it in your own favorite color. In this way, you can customize the crib to match your room.

Collector's Item

A round crib can truly be a collector's item. It is the type of treasured heirloom which you can pass down from one generation to the next. Chances are you can't help but smile, every time you look at it.

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