Toile Diaper Bags.
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oile, a classic and fun pattern..just because you have to tote around baby supplies, doesn't mean you have to look like you are! These toile diaper bags have the look of regular toile tote bags! You'll want to use them long after baby is grown. Ribbon totes and diaper cute!

Black Toile Diaper Bag.
Black Toile Diaper Bag

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This toile diaper bag is boutique-quality design and is the perfect blend of patterns for a boy or girl! The exterior of this bag is made of an elegant black toile and solid black top and bottom with matching pompom trim. Ribbon closure is available with this design. The bag is lined with coordinating plaid fabric with three large toile pockets included. Changing pad is included with a layer of soft padding for baby’s comfort. Diaper bag is available in three sizes.

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The standard bag is our most popular size. It is perfect for holding all your baby's necessities plus all of mommy's things too! It measures roughly 12" X 16" with a depth of 5". Straps are 23" from seam to seam.

Now available in a new Extra Large size! The extra large bag measures 13" x 21" x 5" for only $25 more.

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Toile Baby Diaper Bags with Monogram.
Toile Baby Diaper Bags
With Monogram

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Pink Toile Monogrammed Diaper Bag
So pretty, no one will believe it's a diaper bag!

Just because Mom has to carry bottles, wipes, diapers, and zwieback crackers for baby - it doesn't have to look like it!

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This is a beautifully made and monogrammed bag; whether you load this elegant personalized tote bag with diapers, wipes, formula and a change for baby, or use it as a handbag just for Mommy, you will love all the great features you would expect from a custom made bag, such as:
  • Personalized toile diaper bags have eight interior pockets, deep enough to hold a bottle for baby, a juice cup for your toddler, or a cell phone, wallet, and notepad for Mom,
  • This toile diaper bag for baby is created using an excellent grade of stain resistant, Teflon® coated elegant traditional Jamestown toile,
  • Wide pink grosgrain ribbon closure with matching grosgrain key fob gives these handmade diaper bags a wonderfully feminine quality,
  • Contrasting Teflon® coated gingham interior completes these personalized totes, making them stain and water resistant,
  • Self fabric toile handles with sturdy lining, nickel and stainless steel accents and feet adds to the elegance of these handmade diaper bags,
  • Personalized with a beautifully monogrammed large elegant script font.
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Laminated Diaper Bag.
Toile Baby Bag
(blue and lime toile)

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Toile Laminated Diaper Bags

These functional Laminated Diaper Bags come in beautifully matched fully laminated toile patterns to create a fashionable yet practical statement that you will want to carry all year long! These baby bags are trimmed in coordinating ribbon, have five interior pockets and a special pocket for your cell phone! They are laminated on the inside as well as the outside! One thing to note about these laminated fabrics is that they are not shiny. They do not look like plastic. The material looks almost the same as the un-laminated material. The Toile Laminated Diaper Bags are lightweight and have plenty of room for Mom and baby's needs.

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* Dimensions: 16-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 5-1/2"; Strap width: 1-3/4"; Drop: 11-1/4"
* Waterproof laminated fabric inside and out
* 5 pockets (includes cell phone pocket)
* Magnetic Snap Closure
* Carabiner (to hold your keys) : 2-3/4"
* Changing pad

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