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Antique Baby Bed

n antique baby bed can be a classy addition to your child's nursery. It can lend an air of sophisticated elegance, and can complement the other antiques in your home. But while an antique baby bed can be quite attractive, there are things you should know before investing in one.

Keeping Baby Safe from Danger

If older cribs do not meet modern safety standards, they can be quite dangerous for your baby. For instance, old mattresses may be too soft, posing a suffocation risk for your child. Also, the mattress may not fit the crib frame, which could cause your baby to become caught between the frame and the mattress.

If your baby is able to stand, a corner post can pose a hazard, since his or her clothing could get caught on the posts. Also, your child's head could become wedged inside slats that are too far apart or could become caught inside holes in the headboard.

Safety Checklist

By following a simple checklist, you can make sure that your antique crib is appropriate for your baby. To begin with, the crib mattress should be firm and have a tight fit. In addition, there should be no missing or broken hardware or slats in the crib. The slats should be no farther apart than 2 and 3/8", or the width of a glass. Meanwhile, the corner posts should be no taller than 1/16". And, while design cutouts in the headboard or footboard can be attractive, they pose a serious risk for babies.

An Authentic Find

You can find a simmons wood and metal antique crib on the Internet. The bed is entirely made of wood, except for the end panels and the cherub motif, which are both metal. This baby bed is a classic, and is particularly appropriate for nurseries with an aqua color scheme. However, if you're considering this model, you should realize that all of the standard safety concerns apply.

Imitation Antique antique cribs, imitation antique cribs.

If you like the look of an antique, but you don't like the expense, there's always the imitation antique option. A number of companies produce baby beds that have the look and feel of vintage cribs. However, they're made according to modern safety specifications, so you don't have to worry about their construction.

For instance, an antique white baby cradle by Finishing Touches features a solid wood frame with hand-carved details and a hand-painted finish. These baby beds can easily be assembled with coordinating hardware. You can change the cradle from a rocking version to a stationary model with a flip of the two kickstand-style brakes. The cradle comes with an accompanying 18" x 36" Colgate mattress, so you don't have to bother looking for your own.

The Final Word

While a vintage crib can be nostalgic, if it does not comply with modern safety requirements, it should simply not be used for a baby. Such a crib should either be destroyed or used for display only. While using an antique bed might be tempting, you need to always keep in mind that safety is more important than décor.

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