Coolest baby names, Hollywood Baby Names.
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Cool Baby Names - Hollywood Baby Names!

ometimes it is simply not enough to give your baby a name that can be easily spelled. Some of us are looking for a name that is classic, yet unusual; sophisticated, yet sweet. regularly issues a list of what it considers to be the coolest baby names. While obviously baby names are a matter of individual preference, there is something about names that have been deemed as cool that can give them universal appeal.

Cool Girl Names
BabyZone's list of cool girl names offers a study in ethnic contrast. Some of the names are English derivatives, while others are taken from Latin. Still others are Irish, Arabic, Persian, or Hindi. Thus, a variety of different cultures are represented on the list. For instance, there's the English Addison, the Irish Aislinn, and the Hindi Kalinda. This resource offers over 1000 popular baby names.

The list of cool girl names is also rich in meaning. For instance, there's Cerelia, which means "of the spring." Ellery means joyful and happy, while Laila means "born at night." Gemma is a jewel, making it an especially sweet choice. The name chosen by Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck for their baby, Violet, is also a contender on the cool list.


Cool Boy Names

The list of cool boy names also mixes ethnicity and meaning to create a truly diversified list. The list also includes both the traditional and the trendy. For instance, there's Dominic, which is Latin for "of the Lord." Gannon is Irish for "fair-skinned," while Jace is an American derivative of Jason. Kendi is African for "loved one"; Colin is Irish for a "child" or a "cub." Colin can also serve as a nickname for Nicholas. Maddox means "son of Maddock" in Welsh; Carson is Scottish for "son of Carr." Savion is a contemporary name which might have been derived from Xavier, while Wyatt is English for "Guide." Ty is a French word meaning "hot-tempered" or "firebrand." As you can see, the list of cool boys' names run the gamut, from the classic to the outrageous.

More Coolness

cool baby girl names.
If you're looking for additional cool-sounding or cool-meaning names, you can check out's baby naming zone. There, you'll find thousands of names, along with their meanings. You'll also find interesting factoids about various names, along with some celebrity name information. If you are in the mood for something truly exotic, consider the site's name wizard, which analyzes actual baby names from a database, then creates new names using new letter combinations.

A Word of Caution

At this point, it is important to insert a word of caution. Today's cool baby name could be tomorrow's ugly moniker. Baby names tend to run in cycles-Jennifer might be considered popular one year, then passé the next. In today's kindergarten classes, you might find a number of Katies, but very few Helens. You have to think about how you'll feel about the name twenty years from now. Even more importantly, how will your children view the name two decades hence?

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