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Baby Articles and Tips

Our team of "baby writers" have chosen these articles as the top, most informative for tips and tricks for making your and baby's life easier! From choosing the right diaper bag to meet your needs to car seat safety considerations - we've got it here!

How To Select The Right High Chair For You and Baby - Read This Before You Buy!
One of the most crucial pieces of baby furniture you can buy is the highchair. The right or wrong one will make or break mealtime. Read these tips to help you select one you'll be happy with...a little planning goes a long way! [Read Entire Article]

Diaper Bag Tips
From the big pastel bags of decades past, diaper bags have evolved, giving you a wider range of styles than ever before. Choose a chic, black pouch, a rugged looking backpack that your husband won't mind wearing, or a sleek bag that's going to replace your favorite purse. Use the following diaper bag buying tips to help you narrow down the list of diaper bags that might meet your needs. [Read Entire Article]

Meanings of Baby Names - A Crucial Decision
Your child will have their name for the rest of their lives. Different names have different meanings. It behooves you to educate yourself on some of the meanings of the names you are considering...this article is a great place to start. [Read Entire Article]

Car Seat Safety and You

Each year hundreds of young children are killed in car crashes and thousands more are injured seriously enough to go to the emergency room. Using car safety seats and seat belts correctly is the best way to prevent this from happening to your child. Following are common questions and answers regarding car seat safety from the American Academy of Pediatrics. [Read Entire Article]

Craft a Unique Baby Name
Your new baby will have a unique personality and you may want your baby's name can be as unique as his or her personality. There are thousands of names for new babies with origins from all around the world. In this article, let us make it easier for you to find that perfect name for your new baby. Most moms (and dads) find it difficult to think of distinctive baby names and their meanings.
[Read Entire Article]

The Best Baby Blankets
As a baby grows from infancy to toddler mania, most grow attached to one of two things: either baby blankets or stuffed animals. Now it is possible for the baby to have the best of both worlds. We have found baby blankets are super soft & machine washable. This article can help you find great deals on baby blankets that combine durability, softness, and comfort. [Read Entire Article]

How to Make Your Own Baby Sling
If you already have, or are willing to obtain even the most basic skills on the sewing machine, you can make your own baby sling. Choose your ideal fabric, size, and level of padding and comfort. The first step is to pick out your favorite fabric --- look for a beautiful print that you can fall in love with, in a durable and breathable cotton, silk or wool. It should be strong yet flexible enough to allow air circulation for when baby is all bundled up. If you aren't sure about its breath-ability, place it over your mouth and breath through the fabric. [Read Entire Article]

Find the Right Changing Table
Changing tables typically come in three types: wooden changing tables with guardrails, and hinged chest adapters, fold-up changing tables. Hinged chest adapters are more prone to topple over than the three. And even wooden changing tables sway easily when a baby pulls or tries to climb them. Fold-up models should be shaken and tested before purchased to check for their sturdiness. A wire changing table with a wide base one of the most stable changing tables. [Read Entire Article]

The Baby Stroller to Meet Your Needs
Baby strollers have come a long way from the old folding umbrella stroller. These days, lightweight baby strollers share many of the same features as larger strollers, but these more efficient versions make travel and quick trips to the mall or zoo a much more enjoyable experience. Today's moms and dads want baby strollers that are weigh roughly 18 pounds or less, with many of the 'bells and whistles' that provide a comfortable, stylish ride for your munchkin. [Read Entire Article]

How to Potty Train Your Boy
The first step to potty training is to determine that your boy is ready. Signs such as pausing during an activity to clutch his diaper and others are good indicators of being ready to start potty training. Most boys show signs of readiness between the ages of 18 and 24 months. And boys typically start later and take longer to learn than girls. Instead of basing their child's readiness solely on age, as was the case most often 20 - 30 years ago, moms and dads are learning to be aware of the signs that would prove their boys are ready to start learning to potty on their own. [Read Entire Article]