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Capital b.athing a baby can be fun time for both you and your infant. Baby bath accessories available on the market today can make the experience safe and fun! Slip-resistant bath mats keep your baby from slipping and adds to his or her safety. A bubble bath dispenser will be handy to give your baby a royal bath just like you see in TV soaps and movies, plus babies love the soft bubbles that they keep trying to catch in their little hands. A waterproof toy mobile will keep your baby entertained and happy with soft tunes while you bathe the baby. However, the one truly essential item is the baby bath seat:

Designed together with pediatricians, most bath tub seats today have a unique anatomical shape that allows your baby to safely lie in the ideal bathing position. Your baby is supported and can kick, splash, and positively experience the water. This early ease and comfort with water may help your baby make the transition to swimming when he or she is older.

The built-in adjustable slide-stops of most baby bath tub seats can be quickly adapted to the infant's size. Powerful suction cups attach most bath seats to the tub or sink, eliminating the risk of tipping. Molded side "wings" can cradle the baby to prevent side-to-side movement.

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A bath seat gives your child added support while in the bathtub, but it will not protect him or her from injury or drowning. Keep the following in mind while using a bath seat or bath ring:

* NEVER leave baby unattended in the bath. Literally NEVER, not even for a split second, not even to go grab the phone, NEVER.
* Gather all of your bathing materials before bringing baby into the bathroom.
* Never use a bath seat on textured or non-skid surfaces unless the manufacturer’s instructions specifically state the seat is intended for such surfaces.
* Place the bath seat in the tub so baby cannot reach the faucet or spout, or any other protruding items.
* Bath rings should only be used with children who are capable of sitting upright unassisted, otherwise, use a bath seat.
* After running a minimum amount of warm water in the tub, carefully place baby into the bath seat.
* If bath seat moves or tips while your child is in it, discontinue use and locate a better-made seat.

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