childish clothing.
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Childish Baby Clothing

f you’ve never heard of the brand known as Childish, you’re missing out on one of the hippest trends in infant wear today. The brand, which began hitting the market in spring of 2004, is known for its combination of high fashion, comfort, and rock 'n’ roll sensibility. The clothing line offers everything from preppy to punk, so it can fit your baby’s every mood.

Born from Rock ’n’ Roll

childish pants.Childish’s creators, Skye Hoppus, a mother and former MTV executive, and Suzanne Mitchell, a mother and co-founder of Baby Mabel’s boutiques, believe their brand is the ultimate in baby cool. Childish was born out of Skye’s frustration with maternity clothing choices. She wanted something hip enough to wear with her husband’s band while they were out on tour. Skye and Suzanne then teamed up to create not only maternity wear, but clothing for infants and toddlers as well.

Spring Things
childish dress, childish clothes. There is nothing quite like a whimsical dress to help a little girl celebrate spring. Childish offers what it describes as the "perfect spring tank dress." It’s called the "Sy’rai," and it definitely has an ethnic feel. The top of the dress consists of a ribbed, fitted white tank top, while the bottom is a breezy cotton voile print skirt in pink or blue floral. What makes this dress especially stylish is that the skirt falls in asymmetrical pieces, making it take on a prima ballerina look. A pregnant mom can wear the same style, in a dress Childish calls the "Brandy."

Another popular spring number for baby girls is a dress called the "Piper." This A-line sleeveless style consists of a fitted top with a flared bottom. The dress comes in a pastel camouflage print with a heart insignia-entirely appropriate, since you might find when you look at the dress it’s love at first sight. Childish states that this dress offers a premiere combination of sugar and spice.

Boys’ Turn

Interestingly enough, Childish also offers styles for boys inspired by some famous sons. For instance, a pair of pants known as the "Rocco" is named for the singer Madonna’s boy. The Rocco consists of a wide-legged cargo pant with a custom drawstring waistband and zippers. The pants come in a variety of colors, including brown, orange, and camouflage.

Childish also offers a variety of boys’ t-shirts. These contain slogans such as "Dads rule" (written in camouflage), "100% Punk" (inspired by the son of Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong), "Play that funky music" (in honor of musician Chris Robinson’s son Ryder) and "Good boy" (complete with a picture of a dog). The t-shirts come in colors such as light blue, navy, orange, and brown.

High-End Fashion

You should be aware of the fact that Childish creations are considered to be high-end baby fashions and, exceptionally hip baby clothes. As a result, baby girl dresses can run as much as $44, while baby boy t-shirts can be $34. Therefore, you’ll have to decide how much high-fashion means to you before investing in a Childish wardrobe for your little one. However, it’s apparent that many mothers think style is worth the price-some of Childish’s baby clothes have actually sold out.

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