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Capital w.hen you have a baby stroller/car seat combo - life just gets easier! The jogging stroller with baby stroller car seat adapterf allows your infant car seat to be securely mounted to your Jogging Stroller. The car seat helps keep your infant supported and warm and the Jogging Stroller gives you the mobility you desire. It's the perfect combination! This option lets you use your existing car seat right inside your Baby Jogger. There are several other car seat stroller combos on the market, we review them below:

Simplify life with a car seat/stroller combo. Instead of buying five pieces of gear, buy one. You can find combos that feature secure rear-facing car seat that later becomes a comfy forward-facing car seat or an easy-care stroller, with lightweight frame and retractable wheels.

In most cases, the car seat can be used with or without the base. Typically the stroller is setup so that the that seat comes out of it to easily to place baby in the car. You may also keep the seat in the stroller to reclines it to a bassinet that can rock or glide back and forth, calming baby.

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Some infant car seat and stroller options offer the ultimate in convenience for both parents and baby. Three-piece sets typically include a stroller, an infant car seat, and a stay-in-car base. Ample storage space and extra features and comforts are the norm. The strollers typically stand when folded, so you don't have to bend over to pick it up.

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