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Peg Perego Baby Stroller

Capital Perego is a well-respected name in the area of baby equipment. Known for eye-catching style and exceptional craftsmanship, Peg Perego has definitely become an industry leader. The company's baby strollers are attractive, yet quite functional. Fortunately for consumers, Peg Perego offers a number of different models from which to choose. Among the most popular by this brand are the Peg Perego Venezia, Pliko, Aria and Battery Powered Strollers (that's right, battery powered! See below for more details).

A Baby Convertible

For those who like convertibles, Peg Perego offers a stroller sure to appeal to you. And this stroller is convertible in more ways than one. For instance, the large hood is reversible and can be removed. The bumper bar can be opened or removed, and the retractable car seat anchors can attach a matching car seat. The A3 is extremely easy to use, since it can be opened, steered, and closed with one hand. The incredibly stylish chassis has a high-tech look and is characterized by stylish graphics.

The Peg Perego A3 also features swivel front wheels and rear wheel brakes, as well as a four-position backrest and a two-position footrest. The stroller's five-point harness provides security, while permitting free movement. Made in Italy, the A3 is safety-certified by the JPMA.

The Best in Lightweight Convenience

The Peg Perego Aria MT offers the ultimate in lightweight convenience. It is easy to open and close, making it simple to store. The stroller is characterized by matte tubing, a matte-finished aluminum chassis that looks stylishly futuristic, and visually interesting graphics on the chassis. The universal adapter strap can be used to attach to a car seat. The stroller, which weighs less than ten pounds, has all-wheel suspension, swivel front wheels, rear wheel brakes, a spacious seat with multi-position backrest, removable upholstery, and a front bumper with a child's tray. In addition, the stroller features a large hood with window, a large basket, and an adult cup holder on the handlebar. Like the A3, the Aria has a five-point harness for security. The Aria comes in a variety of patterns, including black sable, blu moon, hip hop, metalica, and oasis.

Strolling with Steam - The Peg Perego Battery Power Stroller
If you think a battery-powered stroller is just a product of your imagination, think again. Peg Perego's Dinamico features a rechargeable battery that can enable you to push your baby effortlessly up hills or on rugged terrain. The stroller also has automatic brakes for safety's sake, retractable car seat anchors that can attach a car seat, a backrest adjustable to three positions, a footrest adjustable to two positions, and an adjustable handlebar which can be maneuvered to accommodate parents of any height.

The Dinamico is characterized by an aluminum frame and a five-point restraint system. Thanks to a special safety key, the stroller moves only when the parent has the key in place. In addition, parents can control the speed of the stroller through the handle mechanism. However, if you don't want to use the battery feature, you can turn it off and transform the Dinamico into a conventional stroller. The stroller's suede-like fabric is soft to the touch, making it especially comfortable for baby.

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