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Baby Bjorn Carrier

There was a time not that long ago when baby carriers that were strapped to the body were considered a curious novelty. But today, many moms and dads consider baby carriers to be a parenting essential. Certainly, one of the best-known names in baby carriers is Baby Bjorn. Developed with the help of both parents and physicians, the Baby Bjorn keeps baby cozy while moms and dads are free to shop, stroll, or clean. Because of its unique style, the Baby Bjorn has achieved celebrity status in the baby accessory department. In 1999, in fact, it was named "design of the decade."

Safety First - The Baby Bjorn Backpack Carrier
Simple design, comfortable carrier, bjorn safe carrier for walks, easy to follow instructions.

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of the Baby Bjorn is its safety. The carrier is especially snug, providing much-needed head support for a small baby. When the baby has grown and his or her neck muscles are stronger, the baby can be carried in a forward-facing position. With the neck rest folded down, the baby can enjoy seeing his or her surroundings. An adjustable buckle allows the baby carrier to grow with baby.

Simplicity of Style

Another key aspect of the Baby Bjorn is its easy style. Since all adjustments are made in the front, rather than the back, the carrier is easy to put on. The carrier is also easy on your shoulders, since it has wide, padded straps that allow the baby's weight to be evenly distributed over your back. As a result, you should experience no shoulder strain using the Baby Bjorn. Since the front of the carrier opens easily, you can lay your baby down without waking him or her. The instructions for putting on and taking off the Baby Bjorn are also easy to follow

Fast Facts

The Baby Bjorn can actually be used for newborns, since it can accommodate any baby who is at least 21 inches tall and weighs eight pounds or more. Babies two months old and younger should use the leg straps for safety's sake. You can use the carrier for quite some time, since it can carry babies up to 22 pounds. The Baby Bjorn is strong, since it is fashioned from 100 percent cotton. It is also free of formaldehyde. The carrier is machine washable, making it easy to clean.

Active Model

Baby Bjorn also makes an "active" carrier for parents who are really on the go. This carrier can accommodate both a hike along a nature trail or a fast-paced walk through downtown streets. The carrier is a convenient alternative to a stroller, which can be difficult to maneuver in tight places. The active carrier offers greater back and shoulder support for both the parent and the baby. This greater support allows you to carry your baby for longer periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. Because of its unique design, the active baby carrier permits mothers to breast-feed without removing their babies.

The active carrier can be used for babies anywhere from three and a half pounds to 26 pounds-so it can accommodate both the tiniest and the largest babies. The carrier consists of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, with a pure cotton lining. It also features a multi-adjustable buckle so it can grow along with your baby. To ensure safety, babies 8 to 11 pounds should use the accompanying leg straps.

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