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The Premium in Preemie Clothing

ust because your baby is small, that doesn't mean your infant must be short-changed when it comes to style. A number of companies offer clothing tailor-made for tiny babies. You'll find onesies and sleep suits, baby rompers and pajamas designed for premature infants. Such specially-designed clothes ensure that your baby will enjoy the utmost in comfort.

True to Size

Preemie Store, Preemie baby clothes, Kissy Kissy Clothes, Oink Baby Clothing. You should be aware of the fact that there are various categories of premature infant clothing. For instance, believe it or not, there is micro-preemie clothing, designed for infants who are less than three pounds. The standard preemie size clothing is for babies who are three to five pounds. Large preemie clothing is meant for infants who are up to seven pounds, while small newborn clothes are for babies who are up to ten pounds in weight. It is important for you to select clothing that is weight-appropriate to ensure that your baby is not overwhelmed by his or her clothes.

Preemie Store

The Preemie Store offers fashions designed specifically for the world's smallest babies. For instance, the Preemie Store onesie is made from 100 percent soft cotton, so it will keep your premature baby comfy. The body suits, which come in pink and blue, fit children up to three-and-a-half pounds. The top is easy to pull over the infant's head, while the snap crotch makes the baby onesie easy to wear.

Kissy Kissy

Kissy Kissy baby clothing offers a micro preemie footed pants set that comes in pastel blue, green, and pink - so it's appropriate for both boys and girls. The gingham checked pants are topped by a white embroidered shirt with gingham trim. The look is cozy and cute and should help to keep your preemie warm. The gingham suits are especially appropriate for multiple preemies.

Love Bugs
Love Bugs offers a pink baby kimono that is especially appropriate for girls of standard preemie size who are in a hospital's intensive care unit. The kimono is easy to put on your baby, thanks to its side ties and inside plastic snap. The wrap-around style permits you to have easy access to your newborn. The sleeves are large, so that they can easily accommodate an I-V. The kimono is 100 percent cotton and can fit girls under six pounds.

Oink Baby Clothing

For large preemies, Oink Baby sells a short union suit that is appropriate for both boys and girls. This elongated onesie can be worn as either outerwear or underwear. The 100 percent cotton outfit is characterized by distinctive embroidery and a rich golden color. Its short sleeves and short legs make it especially easy to wear.

Rumble Tumble Preemie

Rumble Tumble Preemie offers a number of items for the larger preemie. Its pink princess creepers are body suits that come in three coordinating prints and can easily be accessorized with a hat or bib. Rumble Tumble Preemie also offers lovely sets for preemie girls, such as a rose garden velour coverall with matching hat and blanket.

Preemies Come Into Their Own

Thanks to medical science, premature infants are thriving as never before. Thankfully, the fashion industry has responded by creating memorable outfits that can keep the tiniest babies in fine style. You'll find that there's now a vast selection of clothing available for babies who are less than ten pounds.

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