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hopping for baby bed linens can be a particularly gratifying experience. There are so many colors and patterns from which to choose. In fact, you can dramatically change the character of a nursery, depending on what kind of linens you choose. Of course, the most important factor is comfort-you'll want to make sure the linens you choose will lead to sound sleep for baby. But chances are you'll also want something fanciful and fun-the type of linens that can help your baby achieve the sweetest dreams.

Duck Power

The brand known as My Moondrops has a number of festive designs from which to choose. For instance, one bed ensemble is emblazoned with ducks. The five-piece set includes a blanket comforter, a four-sided bumper, a dust ruffle, and a sheet.

You can also order a four-piece set which omits the dust ruffle. For the pillow, you might consider a version that has a yellow check with ducks sheer fabric and polka dot banding front, along with a stripe piping. In order to further the duck theme, you might consider matching the linens with a lampbase with a ducks design, a valance with duck embroidery, or a mobile characterized by a collection of ducks.

Olde World Charm

Ollie wild ride bed, cotton baby bed sheets, crib skirt.

My Moondrops also offers what it describes as bed linens which embody olde world charm. The Bella's Tea Party four-piece ensemble includes a baby blanket, a bumper, a crib skirt, and a sheet. The set is made of 100 percent cotton.

While it can be washed by machine, dry cleaning is recommended in order to preserve the set over the long-term. A three-piece ensemble, without the sheet, is also available to consumers. You can also purchase the crib bumper, blanket, crib skirt, fitted sheet, and throw pillow as separate items. Truly high quality baby nursery bedding.

Cowboy Crazy

If you consider your baby boy to be in training to become a cowboy, you might consider a My Moondrops set in a cowboy motif. Ollie's Wild Ride is meant to bring out the cowboy in any child. The set consists of a four-piece ensemble which includes a baby blanket, crib bumper, crib skirt, and sheet. The ensemble is pure cotton, but dry cleaning is recommended to keep the set in good shape. In addition, you can opt for a three-piece ensemble, which includes everything but the sheet. Just as with the tea party collection, you can buy the crib bumper, blanket, crib skirt, fitted sheet, and throw pillow separately. The cowboy look is not available for round cribs.

The Look of Luxury

My Moondrops is known for providing luxury looks for little ones' beds- truly exclusive baby bedding often found in boutiques. The company chooses the softest, most luxurious fabrics for its infant linens. While the linens tend to cost more than those you'll find elsewhere on the Web, they do offer unparalleled quality. Whether you're looking for something old-fashioned or futuristic for your child's nursery, chances are you will find the most eye-catching bed linens at My Moondrops. In fact, you can decorate the entire nursery, based upon the print of your baby's bed linens.

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