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Baby in car seat with cover.Capital n.ow there are a variety of baby car seat covers available on the market. And, they serve many purposes. There are infant and toddler car seat covers that are meant to: - Keep the car seat from getting too hot in the sun, - Cover the baby to protect them from the wind and the rain, and - Provide a cushy environment for baby to sit on. We have examined many seat covers, see our comparisons below:

No more hot seats! Your car's interior can really heat up in the sun...and so can baby's car seat. That's why this car seat cover is such a terrific idea.
It fits over infant and child car seats to keep the sun from baking metal and plastic, protecting little ones from burns and discomfort. Folds into its own compact pocket when not in use.

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There are many soft and cuddly car seat covers available - including sheepskin and flannel! To envelope baby in a soft and warm environment.

Find Flannel and Sheepskin Toddler Car Seat Covers From One Of Our Recommended Sources:

Car seat cover that closes.
Baby Car Seat
Cover (Open)

Car seat cover shown closed up.
Infant Car Seat
Cover (Closed)
Tired of the wind whipping off the blanket you are using to protect your baby in her/his car seat? This car seat cover will stay on thru the worst of winds!

Simply zip completely up, going to and from the car, for maximum protection from rain and wind. Once in the car unzip as desired.

The National Highway Safety Administration suggests heavy and bulky clothing not be worn while securing babies in car seats. It prevents the harness straps from being snug on baby's shoulders.

This infant car seat cover goes OVER the seat, there is NO fabric between the baby and the car seat harness straps. Another National Highway Safety Adminstration rule.

This car seat cover is constructed of TWO layers of the renowned Polartec® 200 polarfleece. The sturdy molded reversible YKK® zippers provide easy access.

With this infant car seat cover you don't need to worry about your sleeping baby overheating when you arrive at your destination.....just unzip the cover for air circulation, no bulky snowsuits or coats to remove.

This baby car seat cover goes on and off easily for weather changes, and utilizes strong shock cording to provide a snug fit.

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