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Fleece Baby Blanket

leece is becoming an increasingly popular fabric in both children's and adult's outerwear, so it should come as no surprise that it is considered a prime fabric for baby blankets. What's interesting is that it is not difficult to make a fleece blanket from scratch. In fact, if you are a beginning seamstress, you can make it using a simple straight stitch on your sewing machine. The fabric is also easy to wash, so it will make the blanket easy to care for.

Types of Fleece

You should be aware of the fact that there are different types of fleece. For instance, acrylic fleece does not easily fray, but it also does not hold wrinkles well. It also tends to gather pills and bunch up following repeated washings. In general, acrylic fleece is 60 inches wide, with printed fleece costing more than solid-color fleece. The other kind of fleece is wool-based. This type holds wrinkles well so, in some cases, it may be preferable to the acrylic.

The Right Kind for Baby
In order to determine the right kind of fleece for your baby, you should test a sample piece against your hands, imagining what it would feel like to a child. You can combine acrylic fleece on one side with sweatshirt fleece on the other so your blanket will be fuzzy underneath but smooth and pill-free on top.

You'll want to make sure that the throw is short enough so that it won't drag on the ground when it is wrapped around a car seat to protect them from winter's chill. But you'll also want it to be long enough that it provides sufficient comfort for your infant. If you aren't sure where to start, you can find a baby fleece blanket pattern online or at your nearest JoAnn's.

Wamsutta Microfiber
Fleece Baby Blanket

Koala Baby

If you don't consider yourself to be handy with a sewing machine, you might want to simply buy a one of these items, or find a pattern for a no sew fleece baby blanket. Fortunately, such blankets come in a variety of colors and styles. Koala Baby offers an especially attractive design consisting of white clouds on a blue background. The color and style can be particularly soothing for your crying baby. (Keep in mind, there are a number of wholesale fleece blankets on the market.)

fleece blanket.
A offers a number of fleece baby blankets to choose from. For instance, the plush trim version comes in a number of attractive colors, including pink, blue, and oatmeal. It is finished with a contrasting micro-fleece trim, making it especially stylish. It's the type of baby blanket you'll be proud to use again and again.

The crochet trim fleece baby blanket is another possible option. The blanket is available in a number of pastel colors, so it is especially soothing for baby. Each blanket has neatly rounded corners and a matching crochet trim. The blanket measures 30" x 40", so it offers plenty of room for baby. For extra visual appeal, you can add an appliqué of a heart, sun, or star.

Another fleece worth considering is one with satin trim. This type of baby satin fleece blanket, which comes in colors such as blue, pink, and alabaster, is an especially luxurious option. An eye-catching appliqué can also be added to this item to enhance its visual appeal.

Leopard Print Fleece Baby Blanket

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