Baby satin blanket, baby blankets white with satin trim.
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Satin Baby Blankets

satin baby blanket can be a special treat for your little one. The silkiness is soothing to an infant, and can help him or her to fall asleep more easily. You might not realize that satin blankets also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Therefore, you'll have a number of decisions to make, when shopping for a baby blanket.

Floating Flowers

Lil' Silky offers a number of silk baby blankets with satin trim in intriguing designs. For instance, the Floating Flowers design shows off daisy flowers on the front of the blanket with yellow, teal, or lavender satin on the back and edges. The blanket is also made with turquoise blue cotton flannel for extra comfort. The organic cotton batting in the middle makes it particularly thick, enhancing its comfort level. This item is easy to care for, since it is machine washable and dryable. Also, the manufacturer maintains that the throw becomes softer with every wash. This item measures 18" x 21". A wonderful silky baby blanket.

Caterpillar Cute
Lil silky baby blankets, silk blankets for babies, creative baby blankets.
Baby Satin Fleece Blanket
Lil' Silky also offers an especially cute silk blanket with a caterpillar design. The blanket spotlights lime green caterpillars and leaves on the front, with purple or lime satin on the back and edges. This covering is handmade and is also characterized by dark purple cotton flannel and an organic cotton batting in the middle. This blanket also measures 18" x 21".

Creative Critters

Lil' Silky's satin blankets also come in additional creative critter motifs. These include a pink giraffe blanket with pink cotton flannel and orange or fuchsia satin on the back and edges. Another animal-inspired design is the puppy love blanket, with excitable puppies scampering about. The puppy blanket consists of bright blue cotton flannel and red or yellow satin on the back and along the edges.

Boyish Blankets

For the baby boy in your life, consider Lil' Silky's big trucks satin security blanket. This blanket has a design of construction trucks on the front with red satin on the back and edges. The blanket is also characterized by blue cotton flannel, which helps to make it particularly cozy for baby.

Go Hawaiian

If you're looking for something that is rather tropical for baby, consider Lil' Silky's Hawaiian-themed design. This tropical blue Hawaiian motif can be especially attractive in your little one's nursery, especially if it is combined with decorations that are island-inspired. The blanket is cotton flannel with light yellow or bright pink satin on the back and along the edges. Since only a few of these were made, it is truly a collector's item.

Baby Blankets White
With Satin Trim

Ending Thoughts on Satin Blankets
Satin Baby Blanket.
Scruffy The Bear Fleece
and Satin Baby Blanket
Satin blankets can complement virtually any color scheme or nursery décor. You can choose blankets that are fanciful and fun, or comforting and sedate. The range of patterns available today is literally mind-boggling.

The type of throw you select all depends on your personal preference. You might try out one satin blanket and see how your baby likes it. After that, you'll know better whether these items are a good investment for your child.

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