when to potty train, how to potty train a boy.
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How To Potty Train a Boy

otty training a boy can be an adventure for parents. In fact, while parents tend to look forward to the day they can throw out the diapers, some dread the idea of trying to train their little boy to use the toilet. However, even if you lack confidence in this area, you should be aware of the fact that there are a number of tried-and-true strategies for achieving this feat. With a little bit of work and a great deal of patience, you can successfully train your toddler boy to use the bathroom with ease.

Finding the Moment - How To Potty Train Your Child

One key to successful toilet training is to resist the urge to start it-until your boy is ready for it. Although some boys might start when they are only a year and a half, others may not be able to even try it until they are at least four years old. In fact, boys generally stay in diapers longer than girls. Also, first-born children tend to learn later than second-born children. Research indicates that parents who begin potty training too soon end up having boys who take longer to master it in the long run. Be sure to begin potty training during a time of tranquility in the boy's life. In other words, he might find it difficult to master the skill if he's just started pre-school or if he has recently switched babysitters.

The Art of Imitation

Children tend to learn through imitation, so it is important for a male role model, such as the boy's father or another trusted male relative, to help him begin the process. Through this experience, your little boy may notice that men use the toilet differently than women, which can open up a discussion about how little boys utilize a commode.

Equip Your Child for Success
use toys to help potty training, teach your boy how to use the potty.
Most pediatricians recommend buying a separate potty for your toddler. (One recommended item is the porta porter potty train) This allows him to claim a space in the bathroom as his own. The potty can also make him feel more secure than a regular-sized toilet. In fact, a number of little boys have a fear of falling into the toilet, so it is best if you equip him with a model made just for his size. If you instead choose to buy an adapter seat that fits over your toilet, or a toddler toilet seat, make sure that it is quite secure before your boy tries to use it. Purchasing a book or videotape on using the potty might also help to put your little one more at ease.

Toilet-Time Toys

You might consider using one of your boy's favorite toys to demonstrate how he should use the potty. In other words, you can pick up a beloved stuffed animal and pretend that he is going to the bathroom, and invite your child to watch the process. Some parents even go so far as to fashion a tiny toilet for a stuffed animal, so that the toy and the boy can go to the bathroom at the same time.

It is important to keep in mind that toilet training is a gradual process. Chances are your boy will not master it on the first attempt. However, with continual encouragement and practice, you might be surprised at how quickly your toddler becomes acclimated to the toilet. These tips and others available on the web can show you how to potty train your toddler.