Elegant changing table, crib and changing table combo.
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Crib and Changing Table Combos

utfitting a baby's nursery can be a truly joyful experience. Shopping for baby furniture can be a real treat, given the fact that there are so many styles, colors, and patterns available today. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, chances are you'll find the right look for your newborn's bedroom.

However, at times, all of the different options can be confusing. Do you want a dresser for your baby, or is it unnecessary? Do you need a crib that will convert into a toddler bed, or is a traditional crib all that you need? It may take a number of consultations between you and your spouse before you determine what is really appropriate in your child's room.

Space Concerns

Another critical question is space. If your nursery is large, you may want a great deal of furniture to fill the room so that it doesn't look so empty. Therefore, it would be entirely appropriate to have a separate diaper changing table for your baby. However, if the nursery is cramped, you might want to reduce the amount of furniture you buy. In such a case, a crib/changing table combo may be just what you need.

Understated Elegance crib with dresser.
AFG Furniture has crafted a combination crib/changing table that is elegant as well as functional. The combination piece is especially appropriate for those with limited space who want to retain all of the conveniences of a fully-furnished nursery. This crib is truly multi-purpose, allowing you to change baby's diaper easily. The unit also features a great deal of storage space, thanks to its roomy drawers and shelves. The crib is also more versatile than you might realize-it can convert into a toddler bed with separate nightstand when your child has outgrown the crib.

The AFG crib/changing table is constructed of solid hardwood, so it is truly durable. It also has a non-toxic finish that is easy to care for. The crib's drop-side system is safe and easy to use. The drawers are on metal runners, so they are easy to slide in and out. The crib also meets all U.S. safety standards, so it represents a secure place for your baby. The unit is also roomy, with the crib and bed measuring 70.5" long, 30" wide, and 43" high and the dresser measuring 27" x 30" x 17".

Of course, it should be noted that there are some drawbacks to the AFG crib and changing table model. The mattress and bedding are not included, which means an extra expenditure on your part. You might also find that the crib is simply too large for your nursery. However, on the whole, the AFG model fulfills many of the requirements of new parents, and it is quite stylish besides.

If you're considering a crib and changing table combo, you should be aware of the fact that there are a number of cribs that offer even more flexibility. For instance, the Delta Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Crib provides greater versatility, thanks to its five position mattress support. The Jenny Lind also converts easily from a crib to a youth bed-so it can grow right along with baby. In the end, only you can decide which crib model is appropriate for your baby.

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