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Diaper Genie II Diaper Pails and Disposal Systems

Capital p.laytex's line of Diaper Genie Diaper Pails has become very popular with mothers. Some reasons for this include the fact that this diaper pail system utilizes an air-tight system using a seven layer film, and a push-n-lock clamp to lock away odor. The Diaper Genie II Diaper Pail can be operated with one hand - simply open the lid and push the diaper throught the push-n-lock clamp to virtually eliminate odors. Emptying has been made simple, all that is needed is to use the internal child-proof cutter to cut and seal the bag. The odor free refill keeps the mess and their odors inside (try doing that with a regular trash bag!) The diapers never touch the pail, keeping it clean.

Diaper Genie II - An Odor-Free Diaper Pail
The Diaper Genie II Diaper System keeps your home and nursery odor free using 2 main methods. First, these disposal systems include the patented "air-tite" system. This system features:
  • A seven layer odor barrier film
  • A push and lock clamp to seal in odor
Secondly, the Diaper Genie has a lid that helps to completely seal off the unit. Emptying the diaper pail is also an "odor-free" experience. Playtex has devised a system whereby you utilize the interior cutter to cut and seal off the bag, then, empty.
A One Handed Diaper Disposal System

The Playtex Diaper Genie 2 makes it easy to throw away the dirty diaper while you are changing baby. You can now dispose of soiled diapers using just one hand (unlike the Diaper Genie Twist Away model). Simply lift the lid and push the messy diaper through the push and lock clamp, throwing away at the same time you are eliminating odors. Not to worry, each item comes with easy to understand instructions and manuals.

A Pink Diaper Genie?
Yes - one of the perks of this item is that there is a large variety of diaper pail covers available. You can in fact turn your unit into a pink Diaper Genie II. You can also create a blue or green diaper genie. Any color in fact.

Diaper Genie II Refills

The refills for this essential nursery accessory have a multi-layer film, offering incredible odor protection. Each refill can hold up to 180 diapers. Please note that these exceptional re-fills are only intended to be used with the Diaper Genie II system. They are unscented and can be used for babies of all ages.