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Baby Name Finder

e live in an age in which there are a number of services that cater to families. For instance, you can find diaper services, dog-walking services, and cleaning services-services that can help make life simpler and more pleasant for your family. Therefore, it is not surprising that you can also find baby naming services. Of course, these services are free and are as close as your computer keyboard.

Quick Finds

A Baby Name Finder may be one of the quickest ways you can locate a possible name for your child. For instance, the iVillage Baby Name Finder on the Internet has been used by millions of people around the world. The name finder contains a collection of more than 10,000 names, so chances are good that you will find a name that is appealing to you. The name finder not only provides a list of names, it also gives baby names and their meanings. In addition to this Quick Find device, the site also contains a list of famous names and a dictionary which is an alphabetical listing of all the names in the database. If you are already set on the first name, this service can also be used as a baby middle name finder.

Baby Center

Another worthwhile baby name finder can be found at BabyCenter on the Internet. Each year, the organization comes up with top baby names after surveying more than 300,000 BabyCenter members. For instance, in the year 2005, nearly 1 in 8 children were given a name that is on BabyCenter's top ten baby names list. And, believe it or not, parents came up with more than 340 ways to spell the top 10 names.

find ethinc baby names, unusual baby names, top baby name finders. BabyCenter's top 10 list of baby names for girls included Emma at number one, followed by Emily, Madison, Kaitlyn, Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Hannah, Makayla, and Ava. The top names for boys were Aidan, Jacob, Ethan, Nicholas, Matthew, Ryan, Tyler, Jack, Joshua, and Andrew. A great resource for locating popular options is to review the top 100 baby names.

Book-Loving Babies

If you foresee that your child will have a real love of literature, you might consider a book-worthy name for your little one - a famous baby name. Some Internet baby finders can provide you with a list of popular authors' names which could serve your child well. Some possibilities include Aristotle, Newton, Beckett, Dashiell, Hemingway, Buchanan, Caesar, Hamilton, and Milton. Other names with historical appeal include Patton, Truman, Clinton, and Lafayette. Or select your own favorite author's name, or the name of your all-time favorite historical figure.

Just a Tool

You have to realize that a baby name finder is, in the end, just another tool. Whether it comes to you electronically or in hardback, it is a means of expanding your horizons, letting you know about names you might not otherwise have considered.

You might find some of the names to be bold, brash, or boring. You might decide that some names are too ethnic-sounding, while other names lack all ethnic appeal. In the end, the decision for naming your baby rests with you and your partner. If you choose a name that really appeals to you-one that you love to say-chances are your child will grow to like it, too.

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