Choosing the right changing table, changing table tips.
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The Right Changing Table For You

changing table is one of those pieces of baby equipment that can be considered completely optional. In fact, there are a number of parents who seldom, if ever, use the changing tables they already have, and use them as storage pieces instead. However, a changing table can come in handy if you do not have a bed available to serve as a diaper changing spot. Still, if you think that you would benefit from buying a changing table, there are a number of key items you should consider.

A Short-Term Commitment?

To begin with, you need to figure out how long you believe that you will be using the changing table. For instance, you might need it for only the short-term, while the baby is too young to crawl. In such an instance, you'll probably want a foldaway changing table that is lightweight and designed for younger children.

If, however, you want to be able to use the changing table as your child grows, you might want a sturdier piece of furniture. For example, you might consider a changing table that is actually part of a larger dresser. Such a dresser might have drawers and shelves that allow you extra storage space. This kind of changing table could make caring for your baby much easier.

The Decorating Dilemma

Baby Changing Table. You might also seriously consider purchasing a changing table that goes well with the décor of your child's nursery.

Therefore, you'll have to decide whether a natural wood, a brass, or another type of material would be most appropriate to complement the rest of the room.

Colors and patterns are also key considerations. You'll also have to decide on style-do you want shelves and drawers, cupboards, or a combination of the three?
Standard Features

No matter which changing table you select, it should feature a four-inch deep rim, to provide you with a secure enclosure for your young baby. The table should also be equipped with belts or straps in order to keep baby safe. Typically, there will be some indication of how much weight the table can handle. This is especially important as your baby grows.

Also, keep in mind that the more weight a table can accommodate, the sturdier it is likely to be. The manufacturer should also provide you with an indication of how old a child the changing table can accommodate. Obviously, if you hope to continue to use the table over the long run, you'll want to make sure that it can hold a child older than one-year of age.

Baby's Preference

If you're buying a changing table after your baby has already been born, you might perform "test runs" with various models before making a decision. Does your child look content? Does he or she appear to be comfortable? While the look of a changing table can be important, in the end, it's the function that matters most. And no one can give you a better opinion of a table's capabilities than your own little one.