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Baby Carrier Sling

aby Carrier Sling is more than just a device for toting baby around. It is also a means for strengthening your relationship with your child. You might find that you are more attuned to his or her needs, thanks to the sling. It also allows you the freedom to work with your hands-without abandoning your baby. You should be aware of the fact that there are numerous baby carrier slings on the market today. Here are some premiere brands:

JJ Cole Premaxx Baby Carrier
JJ Cole Premaxx, Best Infantino Carriers, baby wearing.
The Premaxx sling carrier is known as the leading baby carrier in Europe. The carrier includes pockets which permit parents to carry baby essentials while carrying baby in a natural, nurturing way. You can actually carry your newborn in a fetal position from the day he or she is born. Toting baby in this way can lessen pressure on the neck and back vertebrae of the child and therefore can promote both comfort and security. The carrier also promotes interaction between parent and child up to the point when the child is 18 months, or 35 pounds.

The Best from Infantino Baby Slings

The Sling Rider from Infantino is especially good for nursing, since it offers a padded strap for the mother and a soft harness for the baby. The elastic opening helps to establish a secure environment for the child. The soft denim fabric offers both high-end style and luxurious comfort. The harness system does not have buckles or hard edges, so it does not cause discomfort for baby. This infantino baby carrier is appropriate for newborns and babies up to 20 pounds.

Advantages of Baby Wearing

There are numerous advantages associated with using a baby carrier sling. For instance, it will hold the baby curled up in a position that mirrors the one he or she used in the womb. This is truly the most comfortable position for a baby to be in. Moreover, a backpack or front pack carrier can place pressure on a baby's spine, making the baby uncomfortable. Therefore baby hip slings are a far better alternative for a child. In addition, babies carried in a sling are able to develop their neck and back muscles more quickly, helping them to sit and stand in short order. The sling is also more comfortable for the parent, since the weight of the baby is distributed over the shoulder, back, and hip rather than being placed entirely on the shoulders.

These items are also better for breastfeeding. They make nursing more comfortable for both mother and child. Since breast milk has 70 ingredients not found in formula, and breast fed babies have IQs that are 5 to 10 times higher than other children, it would appear that nursing (and slings that permit nursing) are best for baby. Slings have also been shown to reduce the incidence of colic and crying spells. Moreover, slings allow mothers to attend to other children-children who also need their love and support. In short, there may be nothing better you can do for your baby than to carry him or her in a sling.

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