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The one place your baby spends the bulk of its time is in its crib. For this reason crib safety is at the top of a parent's safety list. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying a crib. First of all, make sure the crib you purchase has the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association seal of approval. This tip is probably the best place to start but there are other things to keep in mind as well. Always remember that simplicity is the key to safety. Cribs with extra parts, like finials, present choking hazards. Also remember that your baby is going to grow fast so be sure to pick a crib that is safe for both newborns and babies who can stand.

Portable Baby Cribs

When choosing a baby crib, you may want to consider purchasing a portable crib, in addition to a more traditional one. These portable cribs are highly useful because you can pack them up and move them easily. If baby's bedroom is upstairs, you may want to set up a portable crib downstairs. This way, when baby falls asleep in your arms in the living room, you can slip him or her into his bed easily. A portable baby crib is not only useful at home, but when you head out to visit grandma or go on vacation, you can pack up the portable baby crib and have a safe, worry-free spot for baby to sleep and play.

discount baby crib.
Discount Baby Cribs

When choosing the crib for baby's nursery, there are some features that you want to be sure to look for. Adjustable sides are a real back saver. By dropping the sides of the baby crib, you are able put your baby to bed, or pick him or her up, without a great deal of awkward lifting and twisting.

Baby Crib Bedding

Baby bedding is one of the most important items when decorating your special baby nursery. If you find your baby crib bedding before designing the rest of the nursery, it will become easier to make subsequent decorating decisions. When walking into your nursery, your eye will naturally be attracted to the crib. Other items in the nursery accentuate the baby sheets and will help to communicate your unique nursery ideas and theme.

Although there are many bedding fashions and styles, there is just the right one for you. It has been estimated that a new mother will enter her nursery approximately 3000 times in the first year of her child’s life.