diaper changing table, cherry changing table.
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Diaper Changing Table

t's one of those necessities in a new parent's life-the diaper changing table. It's a secure place for changing baby's underwear. It's also the kind of place that allows you to smile and coo at your newborn. In today's marketplace, there are many different diaper changing tables to choose from. In fact, you might be surprised at just how much variety there is.

Calling the Cariboo

Cariboo offers an attractive diaper changing table that can be easily moved from the nursery to the living room. This portable changing table is also known for its versatility. The changing surface is made of fabric, so it is particularly comfortable for baby. The surface has pockets which provide you with a place to stow baby's essentials. It is also easy to remove, thanks to a handy zipper. What's more, it is machine washable, so it is easy to take care of. The Cariboo changing table also comes equipped with a machine washable liner. Its manufacturer maintains the changing table is environmentally friendly, since it is crafted from New Zealand Radiata wood.

Calling in the Badger - Attractive Cherry Changing Table

da vinci tables, attractive changing tables. As an alternative, you might consider a Badger Basket diaper changing table. The System II changing table is a solid piece of furniture which has sufficient room for storing supplies. This wood changing table also has a place to store your diaper pail, adding to its convenience. The diaper pail compartment is roomy, measuring 11.5" wide by 16" deep by 27"high, so it can accommodate most of the diaper pails on today's market. If you would prefer not to store your diaper pail inside, you can stow items in the mesh hamper bag which comes with the changing table. Badger changing tables also come with open shelf areas where you can tuck away clothes, changing supplies, or toys. This cherry changing table is made from hardwood and wood composites with a non-toxic finish. The table also comes with a changing pad and safety strap. One advantage to the changing table is that it can double as a storage cabinet once baby outgrows it. It is also easy to clean-all that's needed is a damp cloth and mild soap.

Artistry from Da Vinci Emily

The Davinci Emily is a piece of furniture that combines the elegance of a dresser with the practicality of a changer. The changer features three drawers, so it can easily accommodate baby's needs. This changer has solid wood legs, drawer fronts, and drawer sides. It also comes with a safety strap to protect baby during changing and a 1" foam changing pad to make changing a breeze. The changer comes in a variety of styles, including oak, cherry, natural, baby blue, white, and ebony.

Nursery Chic - Storkcraft Baby Furniture

If you're looking for a changing table that will complement the rest of your nursery furniture, consider the Storkcraft Baby Lennox Changing Table. This changing table can create a nursery look that is both elegant and up-to-date. The table is made from solid wood and wood products, and is considered an exceptional addition to any nursery.

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