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The Baby Travel Bed - A Vital Part Of Your Baby Travel System

baby travel bed is a "must-have" accessory for new parents. A portable crib is perfect for trips to grandmother's house, for vacations at a beach house, or for a weekend getaway at a hotel. Thanks to their compact nature, today's baby travel systems are easy to store and transport. However, you'll find that there are now a variety of portable baby beds from which to choose. The one you ultimately select may depend a great deal on your personal preference as much as anything else.

Safety First

One of today's most popular models is the Safety First Portable Crib. In addition to being appropriate for travel, the crib can be placed in the room of your older children, or in your own bedroom. Because the Safety First crib is 35 percent smaller than a standard crib, it can fit in places other cribs can't. Despite its portability, the crib is considered sturdy and secure, thanks to its one-inch tubular steel frame.

For safety's sake, the crib possesses four hooded casters and a pair of security locks. The crib also has a 3/8 inch wooden mattress support board, a two-position mattress platform, a two-inch thick, ventilated foam mattress, and a press-fit tube connection system. This travel crib measures 37" high, 34 and one-half" wide, and 39 and one-half" deep. The Safety First crib is available exclusively at The manufacturer notes that the Safety First crib can fold up to less than eight inches flat, so it is easy to move from place to place.

The Fold-a-Way - Folding Cribs!baby travel system.

Another crib that can be transported with ease is the Delta Fold-a-Way Portable Crib. This crib is considered lightweight and easy to fold, yet stylish. It can also keep baby safe and secure-an important consideration for any travel crib. The crib has a two-position mattress support, which you can raise or lower depending on the size of your baby. The Delta Fold-a-Way has a single drop-side design and comes in a cherry finish, giving it a look of elegance. The crib also comes with a mattress, making it particularly cost-effective. This travel crib measures 41" high, 40" long, and 26" wide.

Dressing Your Crib - Portable Crib Bedding

Just because you're on the go doesn't mean that you can't outfit your travel crib in style. You'll find a number of bedding sets tailor-made for smaller portable cribs. For instance, the Seed Sprout Gingham Portable Crib Bedding includes a reversible gingham crib bumper, a matching baby blanket, and a gingham fitted sheet.

The set is 100 percent cotton with polyester fill. It's also easy to care for, since it is machine washable. The look of the set is considered classic, and it's also made to be highly comfortable for baby. There are even crib rail teethers available for travel cribs.

A Final Word on Safety

No matter which travel crib you choose, it's important that you follow standard safety practices. Make sure that the crib is placed on a level floor and that it has been extended to its fullest length. Also, be sure to test out the travel crib before taking it on the road. That way, you can ensure that baby has a safe place to sleep.

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