Intimate Carrier, Nojo Carrier, Baby Pouch.
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Nojo Baby Sling

earing your baby on a sling can be tremendously rewarding for you as a parent. It keeps you in constant contact with your little one, promoting a bond which few other activities match. It is almost as if you are giving your baby or toddler a continual hug. One sling that has attracted attention in recent years is the Baby Nojo model. But how do you know if the design is right for you and your baby?

Promotes Intimacy

The Baby Nojo definitely promotes a feeling of deep intimacy with your baby. It also helps your baby to feel snug and secure. The sling also helps your baby to maintain a state of quiet alertness, which can enhance learning. If you position your baby in the sling so that your baby faces forward, your infant's level of visual alertness may also be enhanced.

Staying Power - Baby Nojo Carrier

The Baby Nojo has a great deal of staying power. It can accommodate children from age newborn to 24 months, and can accommodate a weight of up to 30 pounds. Therefore, Baby Nojo can easily adjust to your growing baby. This is an important selling point, since you might want to buy a single sling for your child.

Additional Features Powerful straps, Should strap carrier, Adjust to baby size.

Also known as baby pouch or slings, the shoulder straps on these accessories are padded and adjustable, making it comfortable for mom. The sling measures 74" long and 23" wide, so it is roomy enough to keep your baby feeling comfy. The Baby Nojo also features adjustable head support, which can help your baby's overall development. The sling enables baby to experience the world in a personal way. It also promotes proper spine development and can be adjusted to support a natural position for nursing.

The Psychology of Baby Wearing

Wearing the Nojo Baby Sling can be an emotionally-rewarding experience for both you and your baby. Scientific research indicates that babies who spend a great deal of time alone in a crib or playpen develop a high level of stress hormones. As a result, the baby is not in a state of physiologic balance. In contrast, a baby worn in a sling matures in a state of hormonal balance. Because the mother is so physically close to the baby, she can improve the baby's sense of physiologic well-being.

A baby who is worn in a Baby Nojo also develops an enhanced sense of security. He or she looks upon the mother as a nurturing caregiver. As a result, even when the caregiver is out of eye range, the baby is comfortable crawling or walking away. In contrast, a baby who is held in a playpen for the majority of the day may start to cling to the mother and may be reluctant to strike out on his or her own.

Your Comfort Zone

Initially, wearing the Baby Pouch may be out of your personal comfort zone. After all, baby-wearing is an acquired habit. There are many resources online that explain how over the shoulder baby holder. However, if you stick with it, you might find that a baby you've raised in a sling grows up to be a more independent child. Since his or her needs were taken care of early on, he or she is less likely to be fearful as he or she approaches school age.

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