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Baby Jogging Stroller

Capital b.aby Jogger is the company that initially invented the three-wheeled jogging stroller. For two decades, Baby Jogger has represented the gold standard in jogging strollers, and the strollers seem to improve in design and efficiency each year. These baby buggies come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. They're also quite popular with parents who are serious runners. Because of its sophisticated assembly procedure, Baby Jogger has created some of the highest-quality strollers in existence today.

Baby Jogger City Series
Baby Jogger's City Single features a 12" swivel wheel and an adjustable handlebar. The stroller can be used both inside and outside, making it highly versatile. The City Single is also considered to be quite innovative. The seat is heavily padded and reclines to 23 degrees, so it is quite comfortable for baby. By flipping the switch just underneath the footplate, you can lock the front wheel for jogging. The stroller is also easy to fold-all you have to do is grab the fold strap in the seat, lift, and fold. Some parents have called it the best folding mechanism available on a jogging stroller.

The City Stroller is lightweight, but strong. It weighs only 21 pounds, but can carry up to 75 pounds. Considered one of the best high-end swivel wheel strollers available, the unit also has a vented sun canopy, an adjustable five point harness, and plenty of storage room.

Spectacular Performance

The Baby Jogger Performance Single is tailor-made for the serious runner, and its one-piece aluminum frame makes it unique. Thanks to its frame, the Performance Single is one of the most stable jogging strollers you'll find. The stroller features shock absorbers, a multi-position sun canopy, a padded seat, and a roomy storage basket under the seat. The Performance Single is also available in a model that has 20" wheels, making for an especially smooth ride.

No-Nonsense Style

The Q-Series Single is known for its no-nonsense design. It is also characterized by an especially effective folding mechanism, which allows the jogging stroller to be easily stored. The stroller also includes a firm back, a multi-position canopy, and a roomy storage basket. The stroller is available in both a 16" wheel model and a 12" wheel model. The 12" model includes a hand brake, which some experts say is unnecessary. However, the locking foot brake is considered absolutely essential.

Special Needs Strollers

Baby Jogger also offers a model specially designed for adults and children with special needs. The Advance Mobility model has individual foot straps that help hold the feet securely for passengers with body weakness. Other features of this jogging stroller include a curved handle for easy pushing, a handbrake with a parking button, a multi-position sun canopy, a padded reclining seat, a five-point safety harness, quick release wheels with sealed bearings, individual rear parking brakes, and 16" pneumatic tires with puncture-resistant tubes.

As a result of its construction, the jogging stroller can be used on a variety of terrains. No tools are needed to assemble or fold the Advance Mobility jogger.

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