Native Sling, free movement carrier, secure baby carrier.
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New Native Baby Sling

n recent years, baby slings have greatly increased in popularity. Mothers in particular recognize the fact that slings allow them to stay close to baby while performing routine chores. Because of the increased use of baby slings, more designers are venturing into the baby sling business. The New Native Sling is an example of a sling with real staying power.

Freedom of Movement

One of the big selling points of the New Native Baby Carrier is the freedom of movement it provides. The design actually derived from real-life experience with children. In order to make the sling more secure, the maker built a curve into the carrier in order to make sure that the sides stay up on either side of the baby as you bend over. This is in sharp contrast to other sling brands, which use a straight piece of fabric which requires parents to hold on with one hand for stability. Also, the New Native Baby Sling is quite comfortable, since it is made with 100 percent cotton.


With the New Native Sling, you can carry baby on the front, the side, or the back. When your child gets older and reaches toddler stage, you can carry him or her on your hip. If you have twins, you can use either one carrier or two. The carrier can accommodate your baby as he or she grows, since it can accept weight of up to 35 pounds. You can actually place your baby in the car seat without taking the baby out of the sling. As an extra added bonus, you can transfer your baby to another adult without removing the baby from the carrier.

Ideal for Breastfeeding

This soft sling baby carrier will not interfere with your clothing, making it simple to use. Also, you can nurse your baby in the sling while you work with your hands. Because the sling has a sufficient amount of fabric to cover up with, you can easily use the sling while nursing in public.

A Nurturing Experience

new native baby sling, healthy baby carrier.Using a Native Sling offers an incredible nurturing experience for mother and baby. Research indicates that wearing newborn babies before they crawl strengthens bonding. It also helps to promote a feeling of trust between mother and child. Mothers can learn to be more responsive to their children's needs through the wearing of the sling. In fact, a sling can actually help to promote loving relationships for children. Some mothers even believe that children who have been nurtured in slings are actually more joyful.


The New Baby Native Sling is one of the most health-conscious products around. It is made from organic cotton, so your baby is not exposed to harmful chemicals while resting in it. As a result, the sling is perfect for those families who want a "natural" experience for their children.

Fits Any Frame

The Baby New Native Sling can fit virtually any frame. The extra-small size is designed for those with chests measuring 25-29"; small is for chest size 30-33", medium is for chest size 34-37", large is for chest size 38-42", and extra-large is for chest size 40-45". However, you may need a smaller size if you are short-waisted, have slanted shoulders, are short, or prefer that the carrier is higher and tighter. You may have to have a larger size if you are long-waisted, at the high end of the size measurement, large-busted, are tall, or prefer the carrier longer.

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