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Baby Phat - Hip-Hop Style Clothes for the Bassinet Crowd

Capital d.esigner Kimora Lee Simmons has brought hip-hop style to the bassinet with her trendy collection of baby clothes. Known as the premiere hip-hop brand for women, Baby Phat is also making headlines with its infant line. Ironically, Baby Phat first made news with tiny t-shirts that came to be known as baby tees. Celebrities and supermodels popularized the tees, and a new fashion phenomenon was created.

What Makes Baby Phat Unique

Simmons has an eye for kids' fashion because of her modeling experience and her even more important experience as a mother. She's created a style that has been called "ghetto fabulous," mixing high-fashion with urban chic. Simmons has quite a following, since her fashions have been worn by musical artists including Paula Abdul, Lil' Kim, Alicia Keys, and Britney Spears. But with her infant line, a new generation of girls is being introduced to her unique style. This trendy baby clothes designer now ranks number eight on American Online Searches for Apparel, showing its national popularity.

Pretty in Pink

Baby Phat's infant sets are predominantly pink. This is not surprising, since the brand emphasizes the girlish throughout its line. The clothes are highly feminine, yet don't shy away from putting baby girls in pants. As a result, the infant sets are both attractive and practical, eye-catching, yet functional. Your baby girl should have no problem crawling around in a set of Baby Phat pants.

Cute Cover-ups

Baby Phat is also known for its adorable infant cover-ups. These include not only hooded jackets, but cardigans and vests as well. The vests are particularly unique, since many other infant clothing lines do not offer a vest option. In this way, Baby Phat is able to maintain its signature style in miniature form.

Unforgettable Head Gear

Another unique characteristic of the Baby Phat line is the headgear. This is really where hip-hop sensibilities come into play. A pastel pink and white cap is the type of hat you would find at a hip-hop club. Yet, Baby Phat can also take a cue from the traditional with a raspberry-colored satin bonnet. Another infant set uses pink sherbet earmuffs to complement the outfit, while still another offers the ultimate in chic with a pink fur beret. Such headgear shows that Baby Phat believes that girls can be high-style, no matter what their age.

Stylish Diaper Covers
Baby Phat is also well-known for its trendy diaper covers. One set offers a raspberry-colored satin diaper cover with ruffles in the back - a symbol of girlish charm. Meanwhile, a cotton layette gift set features a diaper cover with a ruffled back with a floral design, along with an elastic waist for easy wear.

The Ultimate Accessory
What would be considered the ultimate accessory for a baby girl? A teddy bear, of course! Baby Phat offers a number of boxed sets with signature teddy bears. The bears are soft to the touch, making them extremely huggable. Great style and cuddly cuteness - what more could a 21st century girl want out of fashion? In this way, Baby Phat blends high-fashion with tradition to create a look that's simply unforgettable.

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