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ou're about to give birth to a baby girl, and you're stumped about what to name her. You'd like something distinctive - a name that is not on the most popular list. Yet, you don't want a name so unusual that it will cause your child problems later on.

The answer to your dilemma may be found in a baby name book. These books are a time-honored tradition, and have helped many a parent find a name that is truly inspiring. You'll find that there are a number of good baby name books on the market today, even some online baby name books. These books can help you find a name you hadn't thought of…or can provide you with the meaning behind a name you're considering. An all time classic is the Big Book of Baby Names.

Beyond Jennifer
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The name of this book says it all: Beyond Jennifer, Jason, Madison & Montana. This book, authored by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, is a real crowd pleaser. It goes beyond the average baby naming book, offering a number of stories and some truly stellar lists of names, including name meanings. The book is also filled with humor, so it is a joy to read.

Puffy Power

For a different take on the baby naming business, consider Puffy, Xena, Quentin, Uma. This baby book is considered to be the ultimate in hip. It offers names of celebrities, along with names of physical stars, so it is truly out of this universe. It even offers tips for dealing with a birth certificate registrar who isn't impressed with the name that you've chosen.

Baby Names Now

Baby Names Now is considered to be an especially interesting book to read. The book, which was also written by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, also contains a great deal of humor. While the book has fewer names overall, it has more interesting commentaries. In other words, it will really make you stop and think before selecting a baby name.

O'Baby - Luck Of The Irish

Many Americans are of Irish heritage, so it should not be surprising that a number of couples want to use an Irish baby name for their offspring. O'Baby: The Irish Baby Names Book, written by Geoffrey Johnson, is perfect for those who want to invoke the mystery and splendor of the Emerald Isle when naming their children. This book features a multitude of Irish baby boy names and Irish baby girl names.

But ethnic baby books are not limited to the Irish. If you are interested in an Indian moniker, consider the book known as Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby. This Indian Baby Name book offers suggestions for Indian baby girl names and Indian baby boy names.

If you are of African-American heritage, you might consider Teresa Norman's The African-American Baby Name Book. Norman has put together more than 10,000 names from African and Muslim cultures. The book also includes the origins and meanings of names, making it especially comprehensive. This book even offers a section on unique African American baby names.

A Saint in the Making
If you are Roman Catholic, you might want to name your baby for a leader in the church. Saint's Names for Your Baby by Fiona MacMath has a complete listing of saint names for your baby. The book includes saint history, definitions of terms, and additional information. Whether you envision your child becoming a Saint Catherine or a Joan of Arc, this book may help you find the right saint name for your baby's temperament. An excellent source of Catholic baby names.

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