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Baby Sling Carrier

A baby sling can make transporting your little one much easier-and, more importantly, it can be therapeutic for your baby. A sling allows you to, in effect, "wear" your baby. While your parents might find the concept to be strange, it's actually based on a tried-and-true formula for making babies happy.

Maya Sling Carrier.Aids in Breastfeeding

Investing in a baby sling can certainly help when it comes to breastfeeding. You can actually leave the baby in the sling while you breastfeed, whether you're in a restaurant, at the mall, or at home. Interestingly enough, babies who are carried in a sling for several hours each day tend to breastfeed better. Researchers theorize that, because the babies are closer to their mothers, they tend to eat more often.

Makes Babies Happier

Baby slings also tend to reduce crying bouts and colic. In fact, one study of 99 mother-baby pairs indicated that babies who were carried at least three hours a day cried 51 percent less at night and 43 percent less during the day. In other words, a sling can actually make your baby more content. Also, if you're carrying your baby in a sling, it will make it easier for you to tend to your other children.

Makes Your Child Smarter

Amazingly, baby slings have been shown to improve learning. Babies who are carried often have greater visual and auditory alertness. They also develop faster, cognitively speaking, and their speech patterns are established earlier, since they are more exposed to conversations. Babies who are carried also feel as if they are participating in life, rather than just observing it from afar.

Makes Parents Feel Better

You yourself may feel better after using a baby sling. This is because a sling tends to improve parents' feelings of competence. The sling also promotes greater bonding with parents, so parents feel as if they are more in control. It has been shown that mothers who carry their babies often are more in touch with their babies' needs. There are even baby carriers for twins - so you can be close to both your little ones at the same time.

Sling Types

Fortunately, there are a number of sling types on the market today. One popular model is the Maya Wrap Sling. This sling is incredibly versatile-your baby can be carried in front, on your hip, or in back. As an alternative, the sling can be used as a blanket or as a safety strap for your shopping cart. The sling comes complete with a pocket which accommodates diapers or wipes. The sling also comes in a variety of sizes in order to fit people of different heights. It is highly adjustable, so it can provide you with a customized fit. The Maya Wrap Sling can accommodate a child of up to 35 pounds, meaning that it is both strong and safe, as well as long-lasting.

The Moby Wrap Baby Carrier is a wraparound style baby carrier that is nice and wide. The width makes for a secure back carry. The fabric is stretchy, allowing for one tying method to accomodate all of the carrying positions. One of the great things about stretchy baby carriers is that people just tie them on in the morning and use them all day, taking baby in and out, but leaving the carrier on. It just looks like a t-shirt when there is no baby inside. These slings can be adjusted to serve as baby hip carriers as well.

Another option is the MamaBaby Sling, made of 100 percent cotton. You can either leave the edges unfolded or fold them up in order to increase your arm mobility. Experts say the MamaBaby Sling is particularly effective when it comes to weight distribution. Because the sling is stretchy, it is easy to adjust.

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