Wooden High Chairs,  Wooden High Chairs for Babies.
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Wooden Baby High Chair

wooden baby high chair can represent the ultimate in style and elegance. Hearkening back to an earlier, less complicated time, a wooden high chair is the perfect symbol of family. Thanks to modern design, wooden high chairs are safer than ever before. A number of companies have been able to blend both the old and the new to create wooden high chairs that are both traditional and trendy.

Eddie Bauer Wooden High Chair
Eddie Bauer High Chairs, Restaurant High Chairs, Solid Wood High Chairs.
The Eddie Bauer version is a case in point. This solid wood high chair features a four-position tray which can be easily removed with one hand. The chair is also characterized by an insert tray that is dishwasher safe, along with parent trays. This Eddie Bauer model includes a permanent restraint with snack tray. It also has a removable fabric pad that is machine washable, so you don't have to worry about baby's spills. This Eddie Bauer high chair is extremely well-crafted. You might have to pay more for it than for other high chairs, but a number of mothers say it's well worth the price.

There are so many cute options available - some even look like a wooden baby doll high chair!

High Chairs - Restaurant-Style

Wooden high chairs have become a staple of many family-style restaurants. They are convenient, easy to move, and simple to use. The Restaurant High Chair by Delta is the only JPMA-certified restaurant-style high chair on the market today. This hardwood chair measures 20 " wide, 19 and 3/4 " deep and 28 " high. The high chair is stackable, which makes it perfect for restaurant use. Some assembly is required.

A Smart Chair

For a particularly adaptable high chair, you might consider the Koala SmartChair. These chairs combine hardwood and high-impact plastic and are especially easy to clean. A protective strap holds your child securely in the seat. The wide, stable base makes the high chair sturdy, while the three-inch castors make it easy to move. The SmartChair, which is 34 and 1/2 " high and 26 " wide, comes with a five-year warranty. Some of these models come with generous trays, they may even look like a baby high chair with desk.

A Vintage Look

For a high chair with a distinctive vintage look, you might consider the My Special Baby chair. Handcrafted in solid oak or solid cherry, the chair represents an heirloom in the making. Its durable straps won't fray, while its construction makes it highly stable. The chair is available in a number of different finishes, so it can be prepared to match your décor. One key feature of the chair is that the tray can be removed so that the arms of the high chair can slide underneath your dining room table. If you order an oak chair with an antique finish, you can have it delivered within two weeks. Another special aspect of this particular chair is that it is made in the United States.

An Investment

There is no doubt that a wooden high chair can represent a significant investment. However, if you're interested in a high chair that can be passed down from generation to generation, a wooden chair may be your best bet. With a vintage-look wooden high chair, your children and your grandchildren will be sitting at the table in style.

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